Games I liked that were ruined by diehard fans.

List items

  • Who knew a game about a blue hedgehog that runs fast could inspire so much pornography?

  • Is Sephiroth really that much of a bad ass? If I remember correctly he is just a moody mama's boy who is just throwing a tantrum by hurling a meteor at Earth and gets defeated by a team that includes a Mister T impersonator,a talking cougar, a 13 year old jail bait fan service Ninja, and a remote controlled cat.

  • Mediocre action RPG with a quirky Japanese take on Disney that is ruined by endless speculation of who's going to be in the next game that might never come.

  • They are never going to make a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time get over it.

  • A silly party game where Solid Snake can be defeated by Wario's flatulence. Then you got that weird friend that doesn't want to turn on items (no Pokeball no dice) or play on any of the wacky stages and treats the game like he is playing tournament level Street Fighter.

  • I just want to catch pretty monsters in balls and not worry about IVs, Natures, and EVs.