Influential and beloved games I have never played. Updated as of 7/24/14

I have actually gotten around to playing some of the games on my list so I deleted them and decided to add a few more.

List items

  • It looked ugly and you played as a spaceship instead of the fox on the box. I also didn't have a SNES. Cut me some slack I know Star Fox Adventures sucked but I was like 9 when this game came out.

  • I never felt like wasting quaters on a game that looked like a Simon Says with weird Techno music.

  • When the original came out it looked ugly and boxy. When I did start playing 3D fighters I was a Namco man and was intimidated by an article in EGM that said the series was more reliant on skill and combo memorization then the Tekken series.

  • If it ain't Rock n' Roll Racing then I don't give a rat's ass.

  • I don't know why I never played any of the multiple incarnations of this beloved franchise.

  • When I found out you didn't have direct control over Dirk I had no desire to play.

  • Another case of not owning a SNES as a child.

  • This is a technicality because I have played Rockband and DJ Hero but I never played the original that kicked off the short lived plastic instrument genre.

  • Just a case of me not being much of a fan of the concept of The Sims.

  • I always wanted to play this but I never got around to it. I am sure by now Duke Nukem 3D has aged horribly.

  • While I had an N64 this game came out late in the life cycle so I missed it.

  • My younger sister had a Dreamcast and loved this game but for some reason I would mostly play Soul Caliber, Power Stone, and ChuChu Rocket!