My most hated PS1 games

I'm sure there are worse games but my criteria was based on the ones I actually owned.

List items

  • Ooh a Dragon Ball fighting game how can it not be good? The game looked and controlled like ass. Fortunately this game was extremely rare (I found it at a K-Mart in rural Ohio) and I was able to sell it on ebay for enough to get a PS2 and several games.

  • A first party platforming game featuring the voice of Phil Hartman? I tried my hardest to convince myself this was a good game but Goddamn what a fucking piece of shit.

  • Before Smackdown, PS1 got fucked when it came to wrestling games.

  • I think this was the game that taught me that anime and video games just don't mix.

  • A 3D fighting game from Square w/ Final Fantasy 7 characters? How could this go wrong?

  • Twisted Metal II was the gold standard until Twisted Metal Black but for some reason III was fucking awful. I heard 4 was worse but I never had the "joy" of playing it.

  • You know what Survival Horror games needed? Scarce ammo combined with enemies that constantly spawn.

  • Goldeneye was the bomb so logic dictates that this will be just as good if not better.

  • 3 shitty games for the price of 1!!! Yippie Ki-Yay Mother Fucker!!!

  • Great arcade game but man was the PS1 port janky as hell. Load times were brutal and Shang Tsung's morph ability would either crash the game or slow it down.