Top 10 Favorite Sports Games

Note that while I love Pro Wrestling, I am counting it as Sports Entertainment so No Mercy won't make the list.

List items

  • I could just include the entire franchise but for me this is far and away my favorite.

  • Simple to play and so completely addicting. My two favorite teams were the Charlotte Hornets and the Seattle Supersonics. Did I jinx them?

  • I bought the NES 4 player adapter because of this game. It is pretty much Super Dodgeball on a soccer field complete with crazy powered up shots and being able to knock out players from the other team.

  • I loved the NBA Street franchise it was like a weird hybrid of NBA Jam with a Tony Hawk style trick combo.

  • Nothing was more satisfying than getting a sack on the quarterback and following that up with a Hulk Hogan leg drop.

  • My friends were obsessed with this game and thus I got obsessed with it to by osmosis. I don't even watch hockey.

  • This is my favorite of the arcade style golf games. Not to say I don't enjoy Mario Golf and Neo Turf Masters.

  • Real Football would be a lot more entertaining if it adopted Mutant League rules.

  • I know I have a lot of arcadey sports games on my list but putting Punch Out on the list doesn't feel right. So I included my second favorite boxing franchise.

  • My first sports game and still my favorite baseball game.