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Places I'm making in my Minecraft Inaba Project

This is just a list for those interested in following my Inaba project to see how far I am into it. I'll be adding and removing locations as time goes on probably. The order of the list is the current order in which I'm places.

Also if you don't want to spoil Persona 4 don't read this.

If I forgot something or you have a recommendation PM me and I'll consider it.

List items

  • Yaso-Inaba Train station.


  • The infamous Inaba gas station. I plan on this being the second location you arrive at.

  • The Dojima house and the street it sits on will be next. I can probably make that cat on the roof if I don't forget.

  • Who didn't see this coming. I'm going to model the inside, well at least the TV and food aisles. Their will also be a portal to the TV world.

  • This one will be hard because it's on an incline but a slighter one than the Dojima residence. I'm not going to model the inside of stores except for Aiya. Also foxes shrine HAS to be a part of this.

  • This one's going to take a while. I want to get every room I can think of into it.

  • This place sucks but hey a lot of scenes happen here. I guess you could fish here because you know, you can fish in Minecraft. Minecraft fishing might be less fun than Persona 4 fishing.

  • Yep, might model the teacher's room as well, who knows?

  • The camping portion of Persona 4 is so fantastic that I want to put in the few locations that are in it. Damn that waterfall could be a pain in the ass.

  • This is on the list but I'm not sure where I want to put the entrance to it.

  • This is the BIG one. I want to make AT LEAST the entrance to every dungeon.

  • Meat Dimension?