Favorite Game Characters

This is a list of Characters that I like, either because of their personality, they are amazing in combat, or something of the sort. This list is in no particular order.

List items

  • I got really attached to Alys and her slicers.

  • By far, the most entertaining villain - no, character, in any Final Fantasy game.

  • Fantastic comic relief.

  • The combination of her love for Steak, her Tomboyishness, Galactic Punt, and God's Hand makes her a favorite.

  • I miss his early days... Still, Sonic will always be better than Mario, for me.

  • Dude is pretty awesome.

  • I like him mostly for his speed. Plus, I find it useful to keep someone near my healer, and his Air Slash allows me to do that.

  • My favorite design among the original 151.