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  • As of this week, we've learned that a public beta of this game will be available in 2012. Unfortunately, we'll all be dead by then.

    Thanks a lot, Mayans.

    In all seriousness, this game has taken way too long to be released. This is a Fallout MMO. Why did we not beg for this?

  • This game was announced a while ago, but it still looks beautiful. If memory serves, it was supposed to be showing off next-gen graphics, although that might have been 2 Days To Vegas. Whatever, the case, I would most certainly play this game. Maybe a good presidential based game (*cough cough Secret Service*)?

  • Hei$t is dead. Apparently it was crappy game anyways, because Codies ditched it for "higher-quality content." It was a cool idea, though, the whole less-than-GTA-ish robbin' banks in the '60's. I would've played it.

  • Six Days devs are scared of bad publicity, so the canned the game. Fuck, if they were Rockstar, we wouldn't have GTA. It's a controversial, real-world incident, and I understand that, but we could use a squad-based Modern Warfare.

    Oh wait, that's called Bad Company!

  • This Is Vegas looked good. Now it's The Sims hopped up on the Sin of Sin City. Ooh, street race, party, and get hookers all while gambling in a game! Sorry, the Playboy Mansion game beat you to the punch.

  • On the over-hyping of Vegas topic, here's a game that doesn't even take place in Vegas, but instead has you trying to get there. Originally, it was going to be open world with sandbox cities scattered throughout the nation. Unfortunately, Steel Monkeys has confirmed that this is now a mission based game with driving and shooting missions. Haven't seen that before. Plus, this game was announced IN 2005 to showcase next-gen graphics (perhaps along with The Outsider...?). Come on, guys.

  • So, this game's been dead for a while, I know, but damn it looked good. The story mission they showcased looked like GTA vs. Modern Warfare vs. Vanishing Point (look it up, kids) vs. Thelma & Louise (again, look it up). This looked frikkin' awesome. Why do all the games that are supposed to be selling points for new consoles get canned?

  • So I tagged the wrong game because GiantBomb didn't have any pages on it, but Replay Studio's Survivor game was set to take you to the sinking of the Titanic, the bombing of Hiroshima, the Mexico City earthquake, Hurricane Andrew, and 9/11 to see if you could survive, and if so, how you could handle it. While this was undoubtedly controversial, I personally think it would have made for a very enticing game. However, I would have to side with those who lost loved ones in any of the events listed. Anyways, sorry if I got your hopes up, 'cause this game's been dead since 2007.

  • Deep Silver is certainly keeping Ride To Hell alive, but I've been watching it for around three years to know avail. Give us a reason to believe, Deep Silver!

  • I never thought that the fact that I Am Alive was constantly getting pushed back was good thing, and in that, I was right and wrong. Ubisoft has completely scrapped the original game for a new, more innovative experience. Hopefully, they can stay true to what was originally promised while making a better game.

  • What I meant to tag was Bully 2, which was heavily rumored and hyped without confirmation by Rockstar. This game will probably never see the light of day, but if it does, it would be a solid buy.

    Imagine...Bully II: Ivy League. Who wouldn't want to stir up some trouble at Yale?

  • Rockstar is going to release a slew of new LA Noire info this month, but we've been waiting far too long. This game looks great, and it deserved attention long ago. I'm glad it's coming, but - four years, Rockstar? For that matter, where the fuck is Agent?

  • Just noticed how much the logo looks like the LOST logo, but I digress. The engine and idea looked really good. Hopefully this game isn't Vaporware, but it wouldn't surprise me. If it comes to live this month like they promised, I will be really, really happy.

  • And rounding out the list is Necessary Force. Basically, this game was an artful, comic booky (is that a word?) version of the other end of the GTA spectrum. An open world Max Payne, more or less, with a cool yet dark detective story in a beautiful looking city. Unfortunately, the dev died just in time for Necessary Force to garner some attention by IGN and G4. It was no surprise when the game followed suit.