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All of my favorite games & all of my all time favorite games so far

Fellow gamers,fellow otakus,fellow Final Fantasy fans,fellow hentai fans and fellow members brace yourself this list may or may not be a long list of all of my favorites and all of my all time favorites and I'm going to split the list from classics-to modern games on this list and before you asked me oh what about visual novel games and Otome games even though I'm a straight guy,eroge games and hentai stuff and yes I'm also including hentai games and other adult games.

If I've tried any of them yet and if i love them don't worry I'll add them to the list too as well if I've tried any of them and if i love it and fellow Gamers and fellow members If you wish for me to add emulating games/emulator games or emulator site where it's free to play such a site or name a website when you can play them and name my favorite games or my favorite sites of the ones I've played them on. Just ask me and i gladly add them too as well and if you want me too add my favorite online games/my favorite sites to play at Just ask me or let me know i gladly add them too as well enjoy :).

And before you ask me this is another list of mine that's are not in order and don't worry if i have anymore favorites and if i have anymore all time favorites i will gladly add more too as well and update this and/or any of my lists too as well if i choose to if you wanted me to

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