Games I Have Worked On

Various titles I have worked on in some way or another in my career

List items

  • First project, tested the PS3 version in offline for awhile.

  • Last project I worked on during my tenure at 2K Sports

  • Worked on it for some roster updates and patches, didn't spend much time on this one.

  • Second to last project I worked on at 2K Sports. Was better than 2K7, but not being a big basketball fan this one was not fun to trudge through.

  • Worked on the XBOX 360 and PSP versions of this. The PSP one was mind numbing, but the 360 version was alright. For a sports game.

  • Didn't work on this one too much, but I was on it off and on.

  • Man, this was a nightmare to remember. Worked on this for probably 5-6 months, seeing it go from surprisingly shitty to amazingly bland, then down to just shitty. Still, had some good times on the project.

  • The last big project I was dedicated to before hopping from game to game. All-Pro was a resounding "meh" for me, and while the stadiums were alright I just couldn't get past the fact that this game had too many flaws.

  • I've been working on the PS3 version for the past few months at 2K Marin. I must say the job itself is amazing, working directly with the team as an internal QA guy (basically being the first line of defense) is really going to be a milestone to remember in my career. Add to the fact that its freakin' BioShock, and I have to say the best project I've been on to date.