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  • Why is this on the list? Frankly, historical simulators have always been my favorite genre, but this game really made perfect on almost every aspect associated with the genre. It is as good as Civilization in it's civilization monitoring and the fun, awe inspiring large battles make the game hard to stop playing. Just One More Turn!

  • Why is this on the list? Besides being one of the best polished games graphically and gameplay wise, the game pushes is my definition of video games as art. At the end of the game I had tears in my eyes because Solid Snake is not invincible, but he is human, he has weaknesses. Hideo Kojima's masterpiece and one of biggest propellants of the video game industry

  • Why is this on the list? Niko Bellic is one of the most human characters and one which I related to, not because of his lifestyle or actions, but because his thoughts and reactions were flawed. Rockstar created a masterpiece and this game once again pushes the video game industry forward.

  • The first truly emotionally complex game I ever played. Final Fantasy VII will always hold a special place in my heart.