Games I'm Looking Forward to in 2010

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  • Not many people know bout the game, but I do. BRINK will be a nice big breath of fresh air for class-based shooters. If you're familiar with the Enemy Territories series than you will "kind of" know what to expect. I suggest you look for the Dev Interview.

  • I have been patently awaiting the release of this game. I am not mad at all with it's release date getting pushed back, this holiday season was pretty fun for this game to get all the shine it will deserve.

  • It's Bioshock 2 what more could be said? "It's Bioshock 2!"

  • I haven't played the first one, and I want to before this release, but I did watch my brother during the majority of his playthrough. The videos and Dev diary's I've seen on Just Cause 2 are amazing. This will be a refreshing game to the sandbox genre this gen.

  • Another game I need little to say. This will be a nice change in pace when it's released.

  • I'm not the biggest fan of the hack -n- slash genre but Dante's Inferno looks awesome.