Completed Games 2011

Another year, time to start a new list

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  • 360 - January -------------------------

    I picked up all the DLC and went through the game again on Insanity mode. I played an Infiltrator this time and ended up making a bunch of random decisions as far as the dialogue options go... Being middle of the road kind of screws you later on, I ended up losing Miranda in the last fight. But Shepard hooked up with Tali, so it balances out.

  • 360 - January -------------------------

    This game is the worst, don't ever play it. The skating sucks, the music sucks, and the characters are not funny and actually border on the offensive. It's almost more a weird platformer than a skating game and it's not any fun when viewed as either.

  • 360 - January -------------------------

    Not bad, I liked it way more than Call of Duty. The guns feel better, and the sound is spectacular. I haven't played much of the multiplayer yet, but it seems fun enough, a little to shoot-shoot-die, shoot-shoot-die for my taste though.

  • 360 - January ------------------------

    I had the exact same problems getting started with New Vegas that I had with Fallout 3. For whatever reason it takes me a while to get going, but once I cross that magic line, I'm totally hooked. Cruising the wastes looking for stuff to do is almost endlessly entertaining. My only problem was the load times for entering doors, especially on the strip where it take longer to load a transition than it does for you to walk to the next door.

    I finished it in hardcore and got the Wild Card ending, so I might just jump back in and try out some of the other paths.

  • Fallout: New Vegas - 360 - January ---------------

    Rolled a new character and ran through again to check out a new path. I made a super lucky bruiser this time, and went through the Mr. House ending. It's crazy how much easier the game is when you are a smooth talker. I had a really low speech this time, and basically had to resort to mass murder to get through... Alas, the Brotherhood of Steel are no more for Nevada.

  • PC - January -----------------------

    There's something about this game that I really love. Sure, it's a little rough around the edges in some parts, but that almost makes it better for me. Here's to hoping they can afford a few more models in The Witcher 2, and that they don;t class it up so much it looses it's charm.

  • 360 - January ------------------------

    Got around to actually playing all the way through finally. It's certainly a unique experience... So clunky and frustrating that you'd probably be better off watching some videos than actually playing , but I'm glad I did it.

  • 360 - January --------------------------

    Frustrating comes to mind. The game plays like ass. The camera is always getting in the way, the fighting feels shallow... I never really felt like I was in complete control of the fights. The wall running and jumping is really finicky, instead of feeling awesome, like in Prince of Persia, it's just a series of what feels like unjustified deaths. The worst, for me at least, was the fact that after you die while running, if you keep the trigger held down while it resets it doesn't register that the trigger is still held down. So instead of doing a running jump over the gap directly in front of you, you instantly fall to your death again.

    Also, Steam powered ships in Tron world? What the fuck, man?

  • Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money - February ---------

    I didn't like Dead Money very much. It's a neat story, but it was mostly just really frustrating. It's hard to be stealthy in this game, and having your head explode every 5 minutes doesn't help either. I did get a sick Assassins suit and 5 more levels out of it though...

  • Bioshock 2: Minerva's Den - 360 - February ----------

    Good stuff, great new environments and a nice self-contained story. I ended up really liking it, and it was just enough Bioshock to get me thinking about playing through the first one again.

  • 360 - February --------------------------

    This game was kind of shitty, but I enjoyed it anyway. It has a Fun House thing going on that I liked. Other than that, it's really repetitive, the fighting system is not all that hot, and it get's stupid hard in some parts... not much to recommend anyone else playing it. I'm glad I beat it though, I was ready to kick a hole in my TV at more than one point but somehow I managed. It's like they wanted to be Ninja Gaiden, but forgot to make the fighting live up to the difficulty. Luckily you have a "murder everything and refill my health" button that you can spam on the regular.

  • PS3 - February ----------------------------

    That's a pretty darn good game. They keep you moving along at a really great pace, and the sound is incredible. I really enjoyed the first one, and this one is even better. It loses something on the last couple of chapters though, and the last boss fight was a bit frustrating... maybe I focused on the wrong weapons. Things become less tense and scary the fifth or sixth time you have re-play the same section after getting your arms ripped off.

    Either way, I already want to start a game .

  • 360 - February -----------------------------

    Not so good, but I enjoyed it for what it was worth. The inclusion of the Japanese voice track turned out to be a plus, because the voice acting was extra irritating. And, talk about stereotypes...

    Anyway, a pretty straightforward and generic JRPG, with a nifty pokemon style collect-a-thon thing going on. Apparently you could take your team online and battle against other dudes, but I didn't have any luck there. Also, in a refreshing twist for RPG's I got the full 1000 points in one playthrough

  • 360 - February ----------------------------

    Very European... not the best looking game by any stretch and a bit long winded, but it was fun to get back into old-school adventure game mode for a minute.

    Barring a couple of BS item combination thingies and one stupid hard puzzle, it was actually pretty enjoyable.

    They had a decent and plausible Jack the Ripper theory tied up in there as well.

  • 360 - February -----------------------------

    I probably could have done without some of the poorly thought out potty humor, but other than it it's a total blast. A refreshing break from Military Shooter Part 17 for sure... The weapons are fun to use, and the skillshot stuff really encourages you to mix things up. Now I just need some more people on the leaderboard to get the score chase going.

  • 360 - March --------------------------------

    Another game I'm torn on. Overall I liked it, the story is cool and it's got some really cool moments. But... the control was just not there. I constantly felt like I was fighting against the controls. Multiple moves mapped to the same button presses is a bad idea, especially in an action game.

    I hope they get to continue the story though, not sure how much it had to do with actual Castlevania, but I liked it anyway.

  • PC - March -----------------------------------

    It took 3 months of fighting crappy old design, messed up controls, and constant crashes but I finally finished it. The worst: No moving backwards, and a game-breaking bug on the very last sequence in the game. You need to escape as a cave is collapsing all around you, but if you are running anything like a modern computer you seem to die arbitrarily at the end no matter what because the time to escape is based on clock speed... I had to find a patch that let me run faster before I could actually finish it.

    A great game, hobbled by it's age. I bet they could make this game bad ass with modern tech.

  • 360 - March -----------------------------------

    I hadn't played BG&E in a long time, and it was fun to run through it again.

    It has some camera issues, and it's easy to get lost every once in a while, but it's still a great game. Here's hoping enough people were interested to get them to move forward in a modern sequel

  • Dragon Age: Origins - Darkspawn Chronicles

    360 - March ------------------------------

    Kind of brief, but it was cool enough. I liked the Enthralling mechanic, but it wasn't a whole lot more thank "Run here, kill dudes, repeat"

  • 360 - March ------------------------------

    I had previously played and finished this game a couple of times on the PC last year. For whatever reason I got it again for the 360 and wanted to play it again before starting DA 2.

    The PC version is far superior, but it's still a great game. Finished as a Rogue and went through all of the ending for the heck of it. Two more DLC packs to go before I get into DA 2.

  • Dragon Age Origins - Leliana's song

    360 - March -----------------------------

    Not bad, it was cool to see her story fleshed out and you get a pretty decent set of armor as well.

  • Dragon Age Origins - Witch Hunt

    360 - March -----------------------------

    My favorite out of the DLC packs. That was a cool bit of story, with some nice closure to the Morrigan thread from the main game. Only have Awakening left...

  • Dragon Age Origins - Golems of Amgarrak

    360 - March ------------------------------

    Not as good as Witch Hunt, but decent.

  • 360 - March ------------------------------

    I kind of dig the smaller, compartmentalized version they put together here.Lots of content packed into a more condensed package. Cool story, cool gear, and pushed my dude up into the 30's.

    It did highlight my one major problem with DA... they are not very good at letting you know whats going on with quests sometimes. It will pop up a tiny message saying you received "an item" or a codex entry, but good luck digging through 7000 codex entries and a shitload of items trying to find what you just picked up or what it pertains to. lot's of times, with sidequests, I would complete them without ever knowing what I had them to begin with.

  • PS3 - March -------------------------------

    Took me forever to finish, I just could not get into it and kept putting it down for other games. They should have called it "Cutscene: The Video Game". Hey guys, if you wanted to make a movie, maybe you should have just done that... At least the voice-acting was good, because there sure is a lot of it. It did have some interesting stuff in-between all the movies and turret sections though, I particularly enjoyed the stealth mission and the little platformy section.

  • 360 - April -------------------------------

    Torchlight plays really well on the console, and is still a great game. The inventory control got a little annoying every once in a while, but overall they did a great job dealing with the controller.

    I am extra ready for Torchlight 2 now.

  • iPhone - April

    finished the iPhone version of DoDonPachi... that game still kicks ass. This version must be way easier,it only took me 2 credits

  • 360 - April ---------------------------------------

    It's hard not to be disappointed, especially after spending so much time with Origins. The whole thing feels really lazy in comparison. Using the same dungeons and locations over and over, not to mention bosses from the previous game, generic quests, and a dearth of useless gear that only the main character can use... It rubbed me the wrong way from the start and definitely didn't feel like what I expect from a Bioware game.

  • PC - April ---------------------------------------

    went through Portal again when, after starting Portal 2, I couldn't remember exactly what happened after you took out GLaDOS at the end.

  • 360 - April --------------------------------------

    Kind of a neat little game. It had some control issues, but overall I enjoyed it. Kind of a Ico / Zelda thing going on.

  • PS3 - April --------------------------------------

    Oh man... So good! I loved it from start to finish. Also, maybe the best ending ever, those Valve guys are some clever cats.

  • 360 - March ------------------------------------

    First thing I've finished in a while, mostly because it was so short. Not terrible, but nothing spectacular either. I really liked the multiplayer in their last game (Frontlines), and this seems fun, but not enough for me to by a stupid online pass to play it for a week.

  • This one took a while, so...

    Feb -

    What have I gotten myself into? I fell down the rabbit hole of trying to build a good party to beat all the extra bosses with, and now I've spent a whole Sunday grinding for stats. If it wasn't for the fact that battles are slow as shit, this game would be fantastic

    march update: This fucking game. I sunk an ungodly amount of time into this fucking thing, and I still can't beat the last boss.

    360 - May -----------------------------------------

    Fucking finally! 2 more months of random grinding and it was still nearly impossible for me to beat that last boss.

  • 360 - March ------------------------------------

    Dirt is easily my favorite current race series, in spite of the overwhelming EXTREME-ness. The race bros get annoying pretty quick, but the game is so much fun it's easy to overlook the Mountain Dew commercial vibe.

    Even those events are fun to drive, so I give it a pass. As much as I dig Dirt 2, I'm excited to get started on 3. I've heard there's more traditional rally events to go along with the X-Games bullshit.

    I didn't win every race, still have a couple of top level races that I can't seem to do better than 2nd or 3rd but I think I'm done so i can move on to 3.

  • 360 - May --------------------------------------

    That was actually pretty fun... I liked the battle system at least. Lots of backtracking, but nothing to drastic. Might go mess around in the Game + dungeon before I put it down for good.

  • 360 - June ------------------------------------

    Totally dug it. I'm a sucker for the style they were going for and they pulled it off rather well. I'm glad there's room for a game like this amid the bro'd out war shooter world we currently inhabit. The story became a little bit disjointed towards the end, but it all tied up nicely.

  • 360 - June ------------------------------------

    Kind of surprising to me that I enjoyed this game as much as I did. Goofy, over-the-top fun. The moves have a great sense of impact, and it's easy to get a handle on the control and have fun without dedicating your life to learning one characters moves. The only thing I didn't like was the 4 way eliminations, just too chaotic and random for my taste.

  • PC - June -------------------------------------

    Awesome little indie shmup where you are Sir Walter Raleigh on Mars, killing aliens and Spanish conquistadors... Cool sprites and not too punishing. It reminds me of GigaWing a bit, which is always a good thing in my book. The coolest part are the bonus challenge levels, which give you a bunch of little one-off goals to accomplish in various levels.

    My only complaint is the way it locks off content. You have to earn money to buy new ships and stuff, and three of the boards are locked behind beating the previous boards on a specific difficulty, which out don't find out about until you get there. Do yourself a favor and just start on "legendary".

  • PS3 / PC - June:

    Reaching way into the backlog for something different,almost didn't get to finish it, it kept hanging up my PS3. Entering the factory killed it every time. I ended up using an emulator and finishing it on the PC...

    What a weirdly awesome game... Kind of an Animal Crossing vibe, I guess, except with underage cross-gender / cross-species kissing. If your in the mood for a big dose of weird, and can put up with some really obtuse puzzles, go for it.

  • 360 - June -----------------------------------

    What a great game, probably my favorite so far this year. It's like if Ikaruga was an old school Metroidy platformer instead of a shooter. It's gorgeous, tricky, and incredibly fun.

    If you don't have it in you to keep trying when a game kick you in the nuts, this might not be for you. But if you are up for and appreciate a decent challenge, I can't recommend Outland enough.

  • 360 - June -----------------------------------

    Actually a very enjoyable game. I was feeling the story, the guns are good, and there are lots of options in most situations. It kind of dragged towards the end, I got real tired of the tripod alien tanks, but it has lots of cool environments and other nifty little to keep you going.

    I think a little of th mulitplayer may be in order now.

  • Dragon Age 2: - 360 - June --------------------

    Finished the story again as a mage. Somehow I manged not to get the Relationship or side with the Templars achievements again, but don't ask me why.

  • PS3 - July (good ending) ------------------------------------

    Basically the exact same game, which is both good and bad. It's still really fun to get around, the game handle incredibly well, but it has the same problems as the first as well. There's something about the way they ramp up difficult by just throwing more and more dudes at you that doesn't work for me. Annoying fights where you spend half the time stuck in one stagger animation after another really take a away form the pure joy of exploring the world. By the end I was really ready for it to be over, though I did enjoy the way the end played out.

  • 360 - July ------------------------------------------------------

    At first I kind of hated it, but then I realized you should just never play as the big barbarian dude. In the end I dug it, despite a couple of rough spots. I wish I had played through co-op, that seems like it would have been the best way to do it.

  • PC - July ---------------------------------------------------------

    Finally! So much easier / better with a mouse than the Wii controller. Fun, beautiful, and creative. I love all the bit.trip games

  • 360 - July ------------------------------------------------------

    Other than two really bullshit boss fights and a couple little inventory annoyances, I really liked DS3. I may just play through again as one of the other characters.

  • 360 - July -------------------------------------------------------

    Played through Dungeon Siege 3 again on super the hardest. Controller throwingly frustrating in some parts, but so satisfying when you get through. I really needed to play around with equipment, party, and skills in each situation which turned out to be really fun. My suggestion, if you give it a go, play as Katarina and buff your critical shot stuff so you can dodge around and pick off dudes from a ditance.

  • 360 - July ------------------------------------------------------

    Fantastic game. It's amazing how much that narration and music added to the experience,not to mention how gorgeous it is. Well made, and lots of fun weapons to play with. Easy enough to finish if you are just looking to play through, and the challenge modes and shrine are there if you are looking to up the difficulty levels... totally worth the money

  • 360 - July ---------------------------------------------------------

    Not great, but not terrible either... The game equivalent of a summer popcorn flick. The real problem with RF:A is that Red Faction: Guerrilla was awesome. To follow that up with a fairly generic corridor shooter is a real bummer. To add insult to injury, they got replaced Guerrilla's kick ass multi-player with a super boring and pointless horde mode.

    Still, it's got it's moments and blowing shit up is still fun. It's too bad they didn't just refine what made Guerrilla fun instead of going down this path.

  • PC - July ------------------------------------------------------------

    My favorite of the Bit.Trip games. Fun and challenging, with that "one more try" factor that I can't seem to resist. One of my favorite games on this list so far.

  • XBLA - July -----------------------------------------------------------

    Neat little adventure style puzzler. Not very challenging, but the style and humor make it worth playing.

  • 360 - August -----------------------------------------------------------

    All right I guess, other than some actions always felt really slow to me. I have no real desire to play any more after beating the campaigns though.

    Also, dudes still playing Brink are really desperate for people to play Brink with. I haven't had this many random friend requests and chat invites since I don't know when.

  • XBLA - August ------------------------------------------------------------

    Really enjoyed it. More puzzle than god game, which is cool by me. It gets pretty challenging towards the end, you have to be really on top of things or your poor little villagers will end up swimming in lava

  • 360 - August -------------------------------------------------------------

    Hard to call this one. I actually enjoyed the "game" portion. The block puzzles are fun to me, and they switch things up between haul ass and get to the top and actual puzzle sections... but even with digging the climbing, I was definitely ready to be done with moving blocks around by the end.

    The real bummer part for me was the other side. I never felt like any of the decisions I made really meant anything... The story seemed to do its thing despite what I was trying to do. Vincent is just a whiny bitch the whole time, and that seems to be your only option. I gave in and went with the flow about halfway through and started to enjoy it more, but it definitely did not suck me in the way P3 and P4 did.

    I liked it in the end,but I can def understand the low scores it's getting.

  • 360 - August ----------------------------------------------------------------

    Lots of fun,like Smash TV but with Space Marines.

  • 360 - August -------------------------------------------------------------------

    I feel pretty bad about myself for seeing DNF through to the end. It's the first game in a long time I have been embarrassed to be playing in front of anyone, I found myself sneaking in late night sessions while everyone was sleeping...

    Pretty bad all around, not funny and downright uncomfortable in many cases... This thing is all over the place, nothing cohesive about it except for the shitty humor and the 3 enemies you fight over and over.I'm glad they don;t make games this way any more.

  • 360 - August ----------------------------------------------------------------

    Basically my favorite game so far this year. It has it's share of problems, and many of the complaints against it are probably valid. But... I loved it. It;s like they made a game specifically for me. The look and feel if the world is fantastic, it's got a good (if messed up) story, tons of exploration, and little bits awesome stuffed into every corner.

  • PS3 - September -----------------------------------------------------------

    Fairly awful. I can't recommend anyone ever play this game. It was really short as it turns out or I would never have finished it.

  • PC - September --------------------------------------------------------------

    Finally finished after messing around with it forever. I really suck at these games, but I hate getting bad scores, so I end up re-doing maps over and over trying to figure them out. Now I can finally start the Retribution campaign.

  • 360 - September ------------------------------------------------------------

    I may or may not have rented this game specifically to get a 7 point achievement. In other news, my gamerscore is back to being divisble by 5.

    Actually, the game is not that bad, like a budget version of Batman. It has some really funky looking animations though... everyone looks like they're trying to hold back explosive diarrhea when they are walking.

  • 360 - September

    Spent a dumb amount of time running around Fabula Nova Crystalis again. Might continue messing around, I never finished all the missions last time.

  • 360 - September

    Pretty darn fun, heavy handed in that summer flick kind of way, but I still dug it. A lot easier than I remember the other games being, even solo I had no problem just going Rambo at any time. I'm having a blast with the MP too, been playing a bunch of Horde and Beast mode split-screen with my son.

  • 360 - October -----------------------------------------------

    The first act is really fun, but it kind of goes downhill from there. Still, even with all of it's jank, and with it being way too long, I still enjoyed it over all. My real problem is with the idea of enemies that level with you. It's a personal thing, but I hate that. To me, it ruins the whole idea of leveling up in the first place. What's the point of gaining xp and leveling up if the same weak-ass zombie that killed you at the start of the game is still 2 levels higher than you and can kill you in one hit 25 hours later. The whole idea offends my sensibilities...

    It's very obviously meant to be played co-op, so I ran into a few situations where all I could do was die and re-spawn until I pushed through, which is not so much fun. Maybe if I wasn't socially retarded I would have had a better time.

  • PS2 - October -------------------------------------------------

    Playing through Catherine brought the Persona itch back.

    I ended up getting kind of obsessed with it again... a month or so and 90 hours later I took out Nyx with a level 99 MC. This game is still incredibly awesome.

  • 360 - October -------------------------------------------------

    Bananas in the way I expect any Suda51 game to be. Nice mix of styles, and it doesn't overstay it's welcome. Some of the best and worst one-liners I've heard in a while.. unlike Duke Nukem, the raunchy humor is actually funny.

    Well worth playing in my book.

  • 360 - October ----------------------------------------------------

    Like a budget version of Dragon Age 2, but I found myself kind of enjoying it... I like Templar mythology and this is a neat, if very basic, take on it. Definitely went on too long, but fun enough up until a point.

  • 360 - October -----------------------------------------------------

    So good! I'm bummed I took this long to finish it. This is actually the first game I started this year, but it got lost in the shuffle.

    Think Gears, but turned up to 11... just non-stop action and explosions with you blasting around the levels doing a rocket powered heavy metal knee-slide.

    It's great looking to, stuff on your suit is constantly moving and rotating and ejecting steam or whatever... it looks bad ass.

    Add a bananas story line and a bunch of super cheesy dialogue and you have one of my favorite games this year.

    It suffers from a lack of bad guys, going instead for the "now you need to fight two of these bosses at once" BS, but even that didn't bother me much.

    I played through on hard and it was challenging and rewarding in a way that most games are not nowadays, you feel like a total bad ass when things go right.

    This game is dirt cheap now, I can't recommend it enough if you haven't picked it up yet.

  • PS3 - October -------------------------------------------------------

    Pretty cool, way better than 2, that's for sure. Fun weapons, and some neat set pieces, but I ran into a bunch of glitches... Nothing is quite as frustrating as fighting through a big battle just to get stuck in the geometry or fall through the floor and have to start over.

    I enjoyed it overall, but no real desire to go back into it again now that it's done.

  • 360 - November ------------------------------------------------------

    Whatever they did before, they did it again. The story felt kind of contrived and it ended pretty abruptly, but it's just so much fun to walk around and be The Batman all over the place that it kind of doesn't matter.

  • 360 - November ------------------------------------------------------

    Went on a little too long, but fun overall. You fight a lot of the same enemies in a lot of the same looking places, but there was something about ramming a chainsword down an Ork Nob's throat that never got old for me.

  • 360 - November ------------------------------------------------------

    The campaign is getting a bum rap, (I think mostly because there is no way it can live up to the pure joy and madness of the multi), but I actually ended up enjoying it. It is generic in the way that all these games are now, but a couple of the moments really shine. I especially enjoyed the Night Shift mission, the objectives flow together nicely and there's a good mix of things you need to do... If things happen correctly you feel pretty bad ass when it all comes together. Still, don't buy this game if you don't want to play against other dudes.

  • 360 - November -----------------------------------------------------------

    Don't play this game unless you are 8, and even then you might want to think twice.

  • PC - November ------------------------------------------------------------

    Honestly, pretty great. It's hard, but satisfying in that old school shooter kind of way... Lot's of die and try again, at least for me, but I still totally dug it. It moves at lightning speed, which is a refreshing change.

    The only drawbacks; not many enemy types, you pretty much fight the same robots the whole time, and a stupid hard final boss fight.

  • 360 - November ----------------------------------------------------------------

    I seriously love this game. I haven't been this addicted to anything in a really long time... multiple all night sessions, planning and strategizing when not playing, it got it's hooks in me deep. Finished my first run at 90 or so hours and soul level 85, and I'm already pretty deep into a NG+

  • 360 - November --------------------------------------------------------------

    Makes a really god first impression, but after the first couple of levels I got kind of bored with it. It does these cinematic moments really well, where it kind of takes over for a minute and runs you through a sweet dogfight through some buildings or whatever where you are kind of still playing, while seeing exactly what they want you to see. The stealth bomber mission was pretty cool as well, so I guess overall it's worth checking out.

    It has multiplayer too, but I didn't play much. The dudes who are still playing Ace Combat MP right now are not messing around.

  • 360 - December ------------------------------------------------------------------

    Pretty enjoyable, actually. It looks great, the shooting and driving were fun, and it has a fun magic style card game built in that uses cards you find around the world. I was impressed with the character and art design, especially coming from an Id game, where that kind of stuff has been severely lacking in the past. It suffers from a bit of "clear this area, now clear it again" but most of that stuff is optional... worth a play through for sure.

  • 360 - December -----------------------------------------------------------------

    My eyes are too old for Sonic games anymore, and I still don't like modern 3D Sonic controls, but it was enjoyable. Kind of short, I finished it one sitting, but that was with minimal challenges and stuff... there's plenty of game there if you get into the challenges and leaderboards.

    I wish they'd HD-ify Sonic Spinball... I love that game!

  • PC - December -------------------------------------------------------------------

    I picked up all the Frogwares Holmes games for PC in the Steam sale. I've already played a couple of them, but what they hey. I'm a fan of anything Sherlock Holmes related, even cheesy adventure games.

  • 360 - December -----------------------------------------------------------------

    Crazy, stupid fun. I usually get turned off by the tone of the humor in these types of games and end up quitting pretty quickly. I didn't finish the other saints games and I've never finished a GTA game either... It's not like I'm a prude, I like dick and fart jokes as much as the next guy, as long as it's funny or serves a purpose other than to be embarrassing to the player.

    GTA trying to get more serious didn't work for me, but turning the ridiculous factor up to immeasurable levels did. I was able to overlook all the unfunny dick and titty jokes, get past the embarrassingly stupid pun names for everything, and have fun.

    There area some genuinely awesome and funny moments. I laughed every time the auto-tune pimp guy said anything through the whole game, and dropping from a helicopter with Kanye West playing or using that Bonnie Tyler song during teh last mission were strokes of genius.