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Games I've started, but haven't finished since January 2011

A list of games I have started, but either have not finished yet or have no plans of finishing ever.

Hopefully some of this will help me keep track for some clean-up, or contain a record of games so shitty, even I wouldn't finish them

July Update-

This list is getting really long... Time to bear down and knock some of the ones I intend to finish out.

September Update -

Man... getting close to the end of the year, and there are a bunch of good games coming out still. I really need to start going back through and finishing the good games on this list before Skyrim comes out and finishes me for the rest of the year. It's not helping that I'm at the 75 hour mark on Persona 3 and the 25 hour mark on FF 13 with no end in sight...

A new year, and more games in the to do / never will do pile

List items

  • January -

    Fuck this game. Normally I would have plowed through this pile of dog shit anyway, but I have come to realize that I don't *have* to finish games that suck. This is a breakthrough for me, let's see how long it lasts

  • February -

    This came with the PS3 version of DS2. playing with a regular controller, so it's a bit weird to control

  • February -

    My son likes this game and it was sitting around...

  • February -

    I want to love it, but the camera is super assy. We'll see if I can make it through. As it turns out, I can't handle it. I think I could deal with it on a regular controller, but this is just not going to happen. I really love the style, and the Disney fan in me is finding something neat at every turn, but it's just not fun to play. traveling through those 2d levels multiple times on fetch quests broke me.

  • March:

    Not terrible, but not great either... Lots of third person action RPG's happening right now, not great might not cut it.

    Update - Yeah... No. After running through the same section, doing the same stupid hunt for the same monster for the 15th time, I have had enough.

  • March:

    I kind of love this game... there is something extremely satisfying about watching your little factory produce a bunch of sodium chloride or whatever when you figure out a solution.

    I'm taking my time on this one, a few puzzles at a time

  • April:

    I played through the first world, and it was fun, but I don't think I have it in me to finish it. A little bit boring...

  • April: this ones pretty rough actually. I've been getting sidetracked score chasing, I should just bear down and try to finish it.

  • April: not gonna lie, I bought this because I'm kind of an Atlus whore... Not too bad so far, kind of goofy in a Fable-ish kind of way.

  • April: ughhhh, the first area and I'm already getting aggravated. Normally this level of frustration is a sure sign that I will dedicate my life to beating this thing...

    update* Never mind, fuck this game. Imagine an extra shitty escort mission as an entire game... that would pretty much sum up Knight's Contract. The controls and camera blow, it's incredibly long winded in it's way too many cutscenes, and the stupid ass AI puts the witch you are toting around right in exactly the wrong place constantly...

    why not stand in the hot lava where I cant get to you, dumbass? This one is going back unfinished.

  • April: getting my chops back. I hate the 360 controller fir MK so far. May pick up a stick or one of those SF pads.

    *Update* got a bit farther in the story mode, but getting worked using Liu Kang. Time to hit the ladder with Kang I guess

  • May: This game is crazy, but fun.Lots of levels though, might take a while since I'm only banging out a couple of levels at a time.

  • May: third time I've started MUA:2. maybe I'll get to the end this time.

  • June: looking for a palette cleanser

  • June: Oh man... the fighting is really not good. Still, I remember this game fondly

  • May: Got sidetracked with some other stuff (just like when the first came out). With the dudes home from school, my PC time is severely limited, so it may be a minute before I get back into it.

    *Update* spent two days removing and re-installing six ways from Sunday to get patch 1.3 to load. Fuck all that, I'm never buying a retail PC disc again. It's pretty much Steam or Console from now on.

  • June: I'm really digging Trenched. I need to get some buddies into it so I can start building my regiment scores

  • July 360

  • July PS2 - reaching deep into the pile of shame for this one.

  • July - PC - Never finished this one, I picked up the expansions in the steam sale so I started it back up

  • August - 360 - Cool enough, but it got repetitive quick. After getting to the fourth world and still needing to go back and replay the other multiple times I decided I had gotten what I wanted out of it.

  • August - PS3 - about 10 minutes of cutscenes was enough for me to know I didn't want to play this game at all.

  • September - 360 - kind of having a hard time getting into it

  • September - I really want to like it, but I can't get my head around the fighting, the platforming is not good, and the way it stops to a black screen to load every time you kill an enemy is driving me nuts... Nope. not going to happen. I just can;t get over the loading thing, it really breaks up what is already an unwieldy fighting system.

  • September

  • September 2011 - January 2012 - This has been my go-to conference call game. Still really ove it, and still haven't made it to the bottom yet. If thy throw Gurdy at me, I'm finished every time.

  • November

  • January 2012 - this game basically requires co-op.It's stupid hard in some parts when you are relying on the AI buddies. On top of that, it's boring as shit. Sent it back unfinished.

  • January 2012 - Super fun, like the last one. It takes forever to finish a mission though, I might send this back for now and pick it up so I can take my time with it.

    Need to buy this at some point and get back into it, I really dug it

  • January - I had to go to NY, and took the ds version of FF IV along to play on the plane. I'm hooked again, will probably see it through. Got stuck on Milon, and then sidetracked. Need to get sent on another trip so I have an excuse to break out my DS.

  • January - Going through some old stuff waiting for FF XII-2 to come out, I never got very far with this back in the day.

    I was really digging this game, way better than the Atelier Totori which is essentially the same game. On my way to finishing it, about 25 or so hours in, and the save file corrupted. Fuck. Not sure if I have it in me to start over again right now.

  • January - I don't know... I dig the aesthetic, and it hots a nostalgic bone, but I pretty much hate playing games with the Wii controller. Even with the motion plus I feel like I'm just flailing around in combat.

  • January - Messed around with it real quick, pretty fun so far.

  • Jan - Hard as balls on later levels, but that's the way a shmup should be.Been slowly learning my way through it.

  • Feb - despite liking the basic premise (the same as mana khemia) the style really put me off. A bunch of dumb, gross inuendo and a super annoying main character got me to send this back and go back to Mana Khemia.

  • Feb - Super fun, my son can't get enough of it

  • Feb - I really like the art style, and it plays decently enough. The save point thing is throwing me off though.

  • Feb 2012 - Neat little puzzler, I'm digging the style for sure.

  • Feb 2012 - I'm digging it so far... I'm a sucker for that aesthetic. Just need to finish KoA first.

  • March 2012 - got it cheap in a Steam sale, pretty dope so far.

  • March -2012 - I've been meaning to get back to this forever

  • March - 2012 - I used to love SRPG's, and to some extent I still do, but tjis feels like it should have been on my DS instead of the TV. Plus, it's incredibly boring and the idea of sinking 80 hours into it is too much for me right now. Back in the mail it goes.

  • April - 2012 - Started this agin when I was looking for something to play, and it seems to have fallen by the wayside as a bunch of new stuff came out. I really like this game though, fun combat and demon collecting, what's not to love

  • April - 2012 - beat with aqua, beat with sakura(sic), and one other one... honestly the terribly voice acted 12 year old flying girls kind of blend together.

  • April - 2012 - Oh man... I love this game! It's gigantic so far, which forgives the fact that it looks a little bit like a Dreamcast game. Anyway, this is my kind of game, am old school jurpg at it's heart, with some interesting new trappings. My only complaint is my fingers don't want to get used to the crazy euro button mapping.

    May - i'm at level 50, and 50 or so hours in. Still feeling it... the affinity thing is a kind of neat way to force you to switch your party around and try out different leaders

  • April - 2012 - Old school dungeon crawler with a new coat of paint. I'm really enjoying it, despite my initial inability to get my head around the fighting. Now that I've gotten the hang of circling and attacking it's going much more smoothly

  • April - 2012 - got it for cheap on a Steam sale. Puzzle quest with a poker/solitaire thing instead of match 3. Kind of fun at first, but it's getting played out pretty quickly.

  • april -2012

  • May - 2012 - Thanks, but no thatnks. Not a bad game, but I got super bored with it about halfway through. I've never really liked snowboarding games, i never feel like i'm in control. That said, I am WAY ready for a new Skate, or Tony Hawk HD

  • June - 2012 ---------------------

    Picked it up during a paradox sale. Pretty cool, like Civ with wizards and shit.

  • June - 2012 - ---------------------

    Got it in my head that I wanted to play Super Metroid through again after hearing teh Idle Thumbs guys talking about it. What a fantastic game

  • June - 2012 -----------------

    more SNES goodness

  • July -2012 ------------------

    Interesting concept

  • July - 2012 ----------------

    I can't believe I haven't played this until now. So Good!

    June 2013 - Started again, I'm all the way at the end, but stuck at the red cave.

  • July - 2012 -----------------

    I haven't played in Ys game in forever... just like i remember, fun, fast and with a great soundtrack. It looks pretty great on the PC too.

  • July - 2012 ----------------

    Got it for a buck or so in a steam sale

  • July - 2012 --------------

    Loving it so far. I dig the art style and the Swedish accents...

  • sweet, but it mostly makes me want to play P4

  • steam daily sale impulse buy. kind of neat, I really dig the cutscenes

  • september 2012

  • september 2012

  • October 2012

  • October 2012 - got it on the cheap. not terrible so far, but I just started it

  • November 2012 - I never actually finished it before... I am kind of indifferent to it, not teh worst thing ever, but not super compelling either. I want to finish it either way though

  • November 2012 - so slick, I'm digging it a lot. I love these kind of puzzly, die and restart instantly things

  • December 2012 - started playing over Christmas break, I used to love this game... Still fun, but it shows its age pretty bad

  • January 2013 - PS3 - I've finished Darksiders multiple times, but it was free for PSN, so I started it up again

  • March - 2013 - PC

  • March - 2013 - PC

  • March -2013 - 360

  • replaying ps3 april 2013

  • April 2013 pS3

  • got the PC version cheap and started playing again as the hunter

  • reaching way back into the pile for something a little different