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8 years later...

36. Not gaming enough. Working alot. Single, yet content.

Xbox One user. Though feels like I'm missing out... no time anyway lol.


Two things.

1. Dead Space by EA. Very creepy and atmospheric. And gruesome. Worth a look.

2. The Last Remnant by Square Enix. Seems Square have learnt from FFXII and kept the talent of voice acting upto par, enough to match the top notch visuals. Really interested.

That is all. Move out.

Dean :)

Running out of things to sell

Been out of work a month now. Been pawning off alot of stuff.... including consoles :'( No more PS2, no more Gamecube... very sad... the only thing of value Ihave left is XBox 360, Big lcd tv, and the PC I'm using now... but I dont really want to get rid of them at all. Fingers crossed an application comes in succesful soon :S


Its like being a mini reviewer!

Has to be said, seing something you've submitted on a game being approved is quite a nice feeling, even if it is just a snippet of info that comes tumbling out of your brain. Though it also should be said that re reading what you've written before before submitting helps, just for punctuation and the odd misplaced word here and there.... oops!

I added the bit on boss battles :D


Life compared to movies

Is what I'm doing with mine right now. See, I'm filled with a feeling of love so pure right now, that even though I should, like any other sensible person, move on with my life... I know the feeling inside of me is true. Its been a couple of days now, and usually by this time, I'd be either saying "wouldnt have worked out" or " screw you bitch"... but its not like that this time. I know that I love this girl, and damn it I know she has feelings for me. So its down to how I handle it now... be her friend, and show her what shes missing, or be a complete jerk. But if I was going to be a complete jerk, then I would have done so already, right? See what I mean? I dont have any bad feelings toward her, just that I miss her, and hope shes thinking of me and missing me too.


What a first blog

Should anybody give up on love? When you truly believe that you have found the person you are destined to live your life with, to be with until the end of time, your soulmate, should you take a back step because of what fate, God, whatever throws up in front of you? Is it a test? Is it Cupid, testing out your potential to stay faithful to the one you believe could be your life partner? 

Does anybody believe in love?

I do. And I dont want to give up. But it seems the deck is stacked againest me.