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Life compared to movies

Is what I'm doing with mine right now. See, I'm filled with a feeling of love so pure right now, that even though I should, like any other sensible person, move on with my life... I know the feeling inside of me is true. Its been a couple of days now, and usually by this time, I'd be either saying "wouldnt have worked out" or " screw you bitch"... but its not like that this time. I know that I love this girl, and damn it I know she has feelings for me. So its down to how I handle it now... be her friend, and show her what shes missing, or be a complete jerk. But if I was going to be a complete jerk, then I would have done so already, right? See what I mean? I dont have any bad feelings toward her, just that I miss her, and hope shes thinking of me and missing me too.