So I Found this Jonathan Frakes Picture...

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I hope that creeps you out as much as it did with me. I found this image a while ago in a "book of illusions" or something to that effect. I mean I'm pretty sure it had a better title, but that is not the point!

The funny thing is, is that I found this image, just weeks after the famous Multimedia Celebrity Poker QL (one of the best without a doubt) and as you can imagine after seeing demon Frakes once, I get to see this equally demonic Frakes, and then bug out a little. Could have been worse, could have been Joe Piscopo...

So what is the world trying to tell me?

On a side note, I said a while back I'd do more blog posts and get back into my blog posting game. I have failed in this! Completely! Other than getting the Tested and GB T-shirts, there hasn't been much else to say. I expect I will jump for joy and post a quick hurrah after passing my college course in June!

Testing 1 2 3. Nothing at all to do with

I was thinking...should i start "blogging" again?  I have felt incredibly detatched from my profile, because...i never use it, ever. It's a damn shame too, i wish i was back in my flow and outta my funk if you get me.
So this is me testing if anyone responds, because i could blog to myself instead and consequently not bother at all, but that's no fun.


Sketching Pencils = Win.

Not too long ago i sketched Ryan, Vinny, Jeff and Brad with crappy writing pencils, the resuts were...messy. That can be clearly seen in my old forum post, that most people thought was creepy.

SO, i went and got some new sketching pencils (i had these before, but i lost 'em, shame on me)

Here are two pictures of one, Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria, Shabutie and Prize Fighter Inferno fame, athankyou. The results are far far better. Once again i looked at the screen and drew what i saw (myspace pictures) as always with me, they come out looking fairly different, but the point to make here is how nice and clean they look in comparison to the old drawings. OH and i cheated, i specifically chose 2 pictures where his face was clearly hidden, im kinda proud of that shortcut :D then again, i love drawing the hair, it's a game changer!

The right hand is AWFUL! it truly is
The right hand is AWFUL! it truly is
The hair was a challenge.
The hair was a challenge.
Things to note: The right hand in the first picture was a headache, for some reason, i couldn't draw that at all, to the point where it tore the paper apart after many attempts, i literally had to peel some paper off that part to get some clean canvas. God bless cartridge paper. Yet it still looks terrible, it was the best i could do. The second picture showcases a baggy button shirt, therefore, i accidentally made him look like he put on hella pounds :S

I decided to include my initials (MC) in my drawings for once, that's one of the things that concerned me about the GiantBomb drawings.

OH and no wise ass comments if you hate his voice, F off and leave me alone :D

I Don't Think I Can Leave WoW.

Ok so i've hit a weird wall.

I, for some reason, love World of Warcaft, the sheer amount of varied land and content to explore, seems to always have me by the throat, and never lets go, until now. Now i'm just bored with it, i started proper in March 2008 and put roughly 6 months into it. spread over the year.

Thankfully i'm no die-hard player who literally talks in dungeon code, like some players out there, my level at the moment is 54, and funnily enough, i bought both expansions way way before i could even taste the new content, that's how muched i liked the game. My problem is that after spending 40 lvl's as primarily a solo player, and spending the last month in my first social guild, I just don't want to play anymore, partly because i never noticed how young and annoying some of the players are, before i had to actually suffer their inane conversation in the guild chat.

I left the guild with no hard feelings, most of the people in there were really nice, and i've made a few friends out of it, but the problem with MMO's is that if you ever get too social, and if you ever put a lot of time into it, then moving to play some other MMO is going to be a little difficult.

I've recently played EVE Online, and i'm currently playing Lord of the Rings Online, free trials of course. But there's one thing that's bugging me...i can't stop thinking about WoW!

I miss Thunderhorn (my server, European mind you) and i miss the people (even the ones who don't speak english) i practically know everyone in that server, even the ones i hate i bloody miss, but i almost hate the game! and these other games just offer so many things that are different, but of course, they don't have 11 million players plus!

So it's weird, i've got one month left on WoW, i only just signed in again and literally bumped into the same old people in Goldshire, thankfully i can go back to the guild i was in if i ever want to, with no problems, and WoW isn't going anywhere soon, so why not just Juggle MMO's?

Because thats a difficult thing to do, and it's something im not willing to try for more than a week. Why not establish the friendships outside of the game? noooo thank you, that's also something i'm not willing to do, i got burned pretty bad the last time i did anything like that...Why not just play Guild Wars? then i throw a shoe at you sir!

So yeah, the obvious lesson here, is that if you're not Blizzard's slave or not someone who dedicates their life to WoW: Don't dedicate a second of your time, and dont talk to anyone, ever. In other words, don't play WoW, regardless of how nice Blizzard are as people, im sure some...other MMO's would bennefit a few extra players right now. And no real diss on WoW here, i think it's excellently crafted, excellently..."war"crafted....uugh.

(a very long post, i apologise.)


Skate 2, Things I Like, Things I Don't...

Skate was awesome, it was the realistic skating experience i had been looking for ever since the THUG days. (because they weren't that great nor realistic)

So i can safely say that Skate 2 has the chance to be even more awesome, so here are some of the things i like and the things that i don't like so far from the demo (Most of this stuff is aesthetic, since the gameplay has thankfully remained the same)


Better Bails (painful poses included in the set!): The ragdoll physics have been vastly improved over the original, intentional bails coupled with mid air poses, makes bailing a much funner experience.

Dirty Bloody Money: Reminding me heavily of THPS4, your character will now show some visual bloody scrapes and dirt after a nasty fall, and The Thrasher Hall of Meat now has even more painful statistics to show you. You can get paid money in compensation off course.

Gender Option: You can now play as a female...

Deck The Halls!: There seems to be way more decks than the original, and i wasn't counting, but there even seems to be more varied trucks and wheels too, more the merrier i say.

Move It!: Originally i thought it would be clunky, but moving objects around is fluid and easy, it feels great!

Trippy Hippy Jumpin': You can now Hippy Jump on command, which is great...But it's even more fun to intentionally Hippie Jump off a tall ledge instead...Also, there's more tricks and moves to pull off, more technicality!

CJ Says "My Threads? Oh Fo Sho!": There also seems to be way more clothing this time round, and even more varied clothing for that matter, it all looks nice.

Resting Place: The "Coffin" is back, nuff said.

Skipping: Off Your Board + Constantly Jumping Foward = Laughs


...But I Now Know Why Females Weren't An Option Before: Because it can be hard to tell the difference between the two genders in this game if you're not careful.

I Like What You Did With Your Face:
Well i don't, the faces in Skate 2 look...odd, particularly with your character, regardless of how many sliders you change when making it.

When Things Get Hairy: The hair still looks

Tank or Damage Per Second?: Who was in charge of the walking mechanic in this game? and why did they make it so stiff!? sure you get used to it, but i can't help but wonder...why is moving heavy objects around, easier than walking?

It's Not You, It's Me?: I can't tell if it's slow-mo, a bad framerate (due to my TV) or a mixture of both, but when bailing hard, i'd rather see it in a fluid 60 fps.

Shake That Jello: It could be the T-shirts im wearing, but when walking, the end tail of those shirts, just wobble and's alarming.

Going Through Rough Customs: The custom option for decks and hats ect. aren't that great, for the decks, i'd rather see something of THUG or Evolution Skateboarding quailty, where you could place stickers and graphics around like it was Forza. Also i noticed after making a custom couldn't change it's wear option.

I can't wait for the full game!
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