The Lord of the Rings: Conquest (Rant)

I love Lord of the Rings, and i love Tolkien, and being British i find my self having a huge appreciation for the setting and its "close to home" European flavour.

So in theory, if you take what the films did with Battles, and roll that into Battlefield/Battlefront, i should immediately fall in love with The Lord of the Rings Conquest...Wrong.

What im suffering with here, is atmosphere and accuracy, two things! that matter the most, so let the Rant begin. Baring in mind that this is just the demo, AND i played it on the PS3 (thanks to the ever so fond of Gold, Microsoft) And i dont hate the game, for the record.

Frist! Who the fuck wrote this stuff? in Training, the script for your, well whatever he is, is down right awful! not only is the accent totally off, its delivered in the most cheesy fasion i've ever had the misfortune to be cheesed with. Yeah you could say in some cases, accents in the LotR films are generally bad...when your Viggo Mortensen (aww, no, seriosuly, i love Viggo, he does it well, im just playin)

Oh and to add to felt like i was playing Resistance: Fall of Man, because he reminded me so heavily of the commander in that game, it also sounded like it was coming over a radio...could that be just the PS3 version? i don't know.

Second! since when was a simple warrior in the force of good, able to glide along the floor like a flaming torpedo? now that probably won't bug most, but for me, i'd rather have my LotR game more down to earth, or rather, down to middle-earth (if you like spitting bad jokes!) or at least down to the films...which is what this game is based on. Also, combo's for the warrior look awful, its like he has a bad back problem.

And please, a long bow is not an assault rifle, i understand why it's a hold down button to shoot affair, but it feels stupid. And having multiple mages all using a dodgy shield effect, strafing around the map, just throws me off completely, for the love God, change the effect on that, all it reminds me of is Star Wars (i wonder why)

Yes this is a game, its bound to have more outlandish things than a film might have (Crank 2: High Voltage is probably living proof of the opposite) but still, i want my faithful recreation, i guess i'll have to play the old last gen games based on the movies to get that.

I couldn't play much multiplayer, due to my PS3's lack of faith with my router, i kept getting connection errors mid-game.

Dont get me wrong, will i still buy it? Hell yeah i will! these are just mere ranty complaints, the games still fun, and while the only thing that really captures the feel so far is the music, im sure the full game will deliver a little bit more atmosphere. I hope

EDIT: Changed my mind, i probably won't buy it, man, it sucks!

He swears to protect you!
He swears to protect you!



Yeah so i decided to start a twitter account...

To those who also have one, hook us up so i can follow you, and you can follow me...or at least i hope you follow me.

Username is Death_Burnout as always.


Holiday Message For You...You!

I just wanted to say to those who have bothered to click on this...

Have A Good Christmas!!!

certainly to those who celebrate it of course.

To those who didn't bother to see this, i think you're an asshole.

Well its been a shitty year for me

So on that note, Have a good time!

A Tough Question to Answer (Spore)

Honestly, its difficult to say what the worst game i played this year, and the reason being is simple: I found more than one game to be the worst i've played this year, So in turn, i shall compose a top 3 worse games (sorry for bending the rules!!!)

3. Mercenaries 2: now, i'd rather phrase this as most disappointing game, but since i can't, it goes at number 3. The premise is fine, blow shit up, who doesnt like that? but with the amount of rough edges, bugs, and janky game design, this one left a horrible mark, it made me wonder what the hell pandemic were doing.

2. Soul Calibur IV: Seriously, the desperation was enough, although truth be told, i didn't mind playing as Darth Vader on the PS3, i thought it was awesome, but the game just rubbed me the wrong way with the entire character customization and weapon system, to the point where i'd rather play SC III any day, hands down, i would go as far to saying i utterly hated this game. It would take the top spot if it wasn't for...

1. Spore

Yup, Spore. Proving to me that i do not like all.

Now don't get me wrong, i think Will Wright is just awesome, i find him to be mesmerizing at times, so this isn't against him.

It's about what Spore once was, or rather, was going to be. Originally it was going to be this deep semi-mature game, it ended up being a dumbed down family game, to put it extremely bluntly. Now the reason behind this is obvious and understandable, to have it appeal to a larger audience, and to the audience that played The Sims exstensively, again i dont fault them for doing that, at least  in terms of sales...but dude...what the hell!? us die-hard spore fans got played!

I still enjoyed spore, but only just, the game shipped with many many bugs and with now 3 patches in, its clear Maxis don't even know how, or even understand, how to make a patch work.

That said, what they made was good, the whole procedural content and the creation tools alone were impressive, but even they had their problems. Problems problems problems...

Calling it the worst game of 08 seems unfair, considering there were many shitty games...but...i dont tend to buy those shitty games, so out of the games i played this year, this was probably the worst.

My Odd Little Drawing Of Vinny

So lately i've been spending my spare time (which i have a lot of) on drawing members of the GiantBomb Staff, that would include Ryan, Vinny, Jeff and Brad. Drawing is something that im good at, but simply not that good at, you get me?

For the drawings i simply look at a screen shot or whatever and transfer what i see to paper the best i can, sadly, most screen shots and paused videos are low enough of quality that it's very troublesome to draw eyes...thats right, eyes...So instead!! i simply draw Ben Coello style eyes, simply because drawing blurry eyes is very diffcult, think of it as an homage to Ben's style (he's got a good style) Now these aint pro grade, you're not going to see this on a limted edition T-shirt any time soon! but for what its worth, they're cute little drawings taking no less than 15 minutes to make.

Another note to not using drawing pencils here, much to my demise too, because these are thick assed HB office pencils and in turn, drawing with them is F'n awful, and to make it even worse im not even bothering to find my drawing pencils, i'm that damn lazy.

So here is my Odd little drawing of Vinny, taken from the recent "You're in the Movies" video they posted up, these drawings are also, not exact matches, which is what makes them original. Speaking of original, i would like to say to the better artists here, please dont go away for a bit and then come back with a better drawing, thats not exactly fair, and dont take shits on my work either! i take it badly. If you're gunna say something bad about it, don't say anything, cheers!

If you would like to see more then i will post all of the drawings in one post! im just testing out peoples interest first, if no one cares, i'll simply put them in my images for random people to see. Enlarging the picture is a good idea ;) but be warned, the detail shows the messy nature of my Office Pencil.

Edit: yeah these dont have any colour, nor have been photoshopped, these a raw cuts dawg, and they'll stay that way for the time being.

Vinny Needs YOU
Vinny Needs YOU


I Like Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09...

Thats something i didn't think i'd ever say, but i like a golf game.

Previously i always gave them an "eh" yet still enjoyed the numerous demo's that i tried, but this time, whilst playing the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 demo, something finally hooked me in, and i bought the damn game the next day without hesitation.

So what grabbed me? im not even entirely sure but damn its addictive and fun, and i'll admit it, im in it pretty much for the courses, i've always liked golf courses, but never liked golf. This game has a mad amount of courses and holes yo. Best part, since i havent played a Tiger Woods game properly before, all the courses are new to me, to fans, only 5 are new, so i win!

So to golf game fans, i get it now.

On a side note, i have a few drawings of Ryan and Jeff, from the screen to screen, but i'll upload them at a later date.


How I Feel About Left 4 Dead

I thought i might as well give my thoughts on the L4D demo, instead of say to myself, "i'll do it later"

But i'll keep this as short and sweet as i possibly can because for the people who really know me, i never shut up, so here it goes...


You see what i did there? anyway, popular internet phrases aside, i fucking love Left 4 Dead, and not that i thought i wouldnt be impressed, because i really liked the concept of the game years back, i remember when the characters, 2 in particular, looked really different, and my memory doesnt serve me well here, but i remember them looking even more different, i could be wrong.

The thing i love it the most? i've never felt more convinced by Zombies in a video game, motion capture goes hell of a long way for crossing the uncanny valley, it feels almost real, and with the, somewhat annoyingly termed "AI Director" changing the game around each time you play, its extremely addictive, can't count how many times i've played the demo...on the PC

Im still kinda a PC fanboy jerk, so, forgive me, but ever since my new powerhouse of a PC i've gone back to PC gaming, my old PC sucked so hard, following the PC bandwagon was difficult.

Plus, call me crazy, but i've stuck to playing it on singleplayer...reason being is because i like to go at it at my own pace, with other random dudes i imagine it would ruin the pacing, plus you never know what nobheads you'll meet, Unless they are my buds...i dont have any of those so im kinda screwed. Then again, i've never liked multiplayer unless its Counter Strike...hmmm, see the contradictory connection?

SO! overall i love it, its not perfect, but i love it, and the best part, it doesnt "scare" me like survival horror games might, its nice to have a horror first person shooter that doesnt quite play like a typical horror game, plus i love me some zombie apocalypse, i know one Rich Gallup probably wouldn't feel the same way.

Damn, that was not short and sweet....if you've made it this far...Good Job!!!! have some complimentary Will Smith.

"I Also Like Left 4 Dead, In Fact, Im Playing It Right Now, With My Eyes Off The Screen, Youknowwhatimsayin?

Hello From "Medium Weight Tent"/ Hello From New Pc

Just thought i'd let you know to those of you who might care, i got a new PC finally after having to wait a month for a Dell XPS only to have it cancelled by Dell Themselves.

So yeah, New PC, Lets see how long this lasts...its a HP Pavillion Elite M9280 *crowd goes "Ooooh"*

Im Currently enjoying Crysis, well, mostly, it runs on medium/high settings farily well but im still suffering from some pop-up, which is expected and unavoidable, but i should be thankfull it runs at a fairly good framerate. World in Conflict runs awesome on high, and any old game that vista actually likes, runs like a charm of course.

Im Also playing Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2006 for the PC....Now hold on, i dont take pleasure in shooting virtual animals, well the inteligent ones, But i do like the outdoors and after playing Big Game Hunter 2008 (which is...OK, except for the part where animals run left right and center across the map, begging for a skull fuck with the most American rifles by the most red neck dude you'll ever come across) 2006 is a much beter game yet still, too fucking linear!

I wont go into why its so annoyingly linear.

Oh and i purchased SoulCalibur IV last friday, Big mistakes made in that game...


You'd Be Pissed Too

Im going to keep this short because im pretty damn furious.

Over 4 weeks ago i ordered a new PC from Dell because my old one died, it was a Dell XPS...

It was supposed to take 10 working

Then i got an e-mail saying it would take 15 working days... ok

But then on the 15th working day i got Another e-mail, saying its been pushed back another 2 weeks (August 4th) due to popularity....What!? why not tell me fucking sooner!?

And Now August 1st ANOTHER FUCKING E-MAIL! saying its been pushed back to August 20th....OK i can wait one more time...

BUT....few minutes later, Order is cancelled due to lack of the speakers i asked for.....WHAT!?

Dell are disgusting people

PC World then?

EDIT: persuing HP Elite

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