Too Human

Shaun White, Eat Your Heart Out!
Shaun White, Eat Your Heart Out!
So i finally got my wireless Xbox 360 Network Adapter today, so that means i'll be on Xbox Live a little more.

I downloaded the Too Human demo to finally see what i make of it and my verdict is.... Not "Too Bad" Get it? haha...ugh shoot me.

But yeah, i think the games pretty good, oh ok yes...the camera DOES indeed suck, only because we are all so used to having the right stick to rotate the camera. There are some awkward mechanics (including the menu interface) in there for sure, like having no manual aim and the drawn out death mechanic, i hate having to struggle over shooting incoming missles and manage my melee combat, its a huge headache with the controls. However, i find the combat itself to be extremely fun, i LOVE the sliding between enemies, probably one of the few who do actually, but i find it great. And who doesnt like Fat Loots!?

I kinda like the whole "futuristic" norse mythology idea too.

Im definately going to get Too Human, and ok its been in development for ages and its still rough but i wont hold that against Silicon Knights

EDIT: I forgot to add, i love the voice of Baldur

Moving In

Y'know what? GiantBomb Rocks and always has done from the very beginning, so yeah, this is my new blog home. Previously my blog became deader than tank tops (thanks Cat!) so i hope that this time i'll be somewhat more frequent with posts. Theres tons of stuff to do on this site aint there? its kinda scary, i hope it doesnt become an

You're Gunna Squeeze Their Rolls!?
You're Gunna Squeeze Their Rolls!?
editing war, that would be unfornunate.

Oh and  I think the placing of images could be better in the blog department, Couldnt get Mr Cat over there in the right spot.

Any Other News?

Oh! well my new PC got delayed another 2 weeks and i still Loathe Forza 2 !
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