Hello From "Medium Weight Tent"/ Hello From New Pc

Just thought i'd let you know to those of you who might care, i got a new PC finally after having to wait a month for a Dell XPS only to have it cancelled by Dell Themselves.

So yeah, New PC, Lets see how long this lasts...its a HP Pavillion Elite M9280 *crowd goes "Ooooh"*

Im Currently enjoying Crysis, well, mostly, it runs on medium/high settings farily well but im still suffering from some pop-up, which is expected and unavoidable, but i should be thankfull it runs at a fairly good framerate. World in Conflict runs awesome on high, and any old game that vista actually likes, runs like a charm of course.

Im Also playing Cabela's Big Game Hunter 2006 for the PC....Now hold on, i dont take pleasure in shooting virtual animals, well the inteligent ones, But i do like the outdoors and after playing Big Game Hunter 2008 (which is...OK, except for the part where animals run left right and center across the map, begging for a skull fuck with the most American rifles by the most red neck dude you'll ever come across) 2006 is a much beter game yet still, too fucking linear!

I wont go into why its so annoyingly linear.

Oh and i purchased SoulCalibur IV last friday, Big mistakes made in that game...