I Like Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09...

Thats something i didn't think i'd ever say, but i like a golf game.

Previously i always gave them an "eh" yet still enjoyed the numerous demo's that i tried, but this time, whilst playing the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 demo, something finally hooked me in, and i bought the damn game the next day without hesitation.

So what grabbed me? im not even entirely sure but damn its addictive and fun, and i'll admit it, im in it pretty much for the courses, i've always liked golf courses, but never liked golf. This game has a mad amount of courses and holes yo. Best part, since i havent played a Tiger Woods game properly before, all the courses are new to me, to fans, only 5 are new, so i win!

So to golf game fans, i get it now.

On a side note, i have a few drawings of Ryan and Jeff, from the screen to paper...to screen, but i'll upload them at a later date.