Skate 2, Things I Like, Things I Don't...

Skate was awesome, it was the realistic skating experience i had been looking for ever since the THUG days. (because they weren't that great nor realistic)

So i can safely say that Skate 2 has the chance to be even more awesome, so here are some of the things i like and the things that i don't like so far from the demo (Most of this stuff is aesthetic, since the gameplay has thankfully remained the same)


Better Bails (painful poses included in the set!): The ragdoll physics have been vastly improved over the original, intentional bails coupled with mid air poses, makes bailing a much funner experience.

Dirty Bloody Money: Reminding me heavily of THPS4, your character will now show some visual bloody scrapes and dirt after a nasty fall, and The Thrasher Hall of Meat now has even more painful statistics to show you. You can get paid money in compensation off course.

Gender Option: You can now play as a female...

Deck The Halls!: There seems to be way more decks than the original, and i wasn't counting, but there even seems to be more varied trucks and wheels too, more the merrier i say.

Move It!: Originally i thought it would be clunky, but moving objects around is fluid and easy, it feels great!

Trippy Hippy Jumpin': You can now Hippy Jump on command, which is great...But it's even more fun to intentionally Hippie Jump off a tall ledge instead...Also, there's more tricks and moves to pull off, more technicality!

CJ Says "My Threads? Oh Fo Sho!": There also seems to be way more clothing this time round, and even more varied clothing for that matter, it all looks nice.

Resting Place: The "Coffin" is back, nuff said.

Skipping: Off Your Board + Constantly Jumping Foward = Laughs


...But I Now Know Why Females Weren't An Option Before: Because it can be hard to tell the difference between the two genders in this game if you're not careful.

I Like What You Did With Your Face:
Well i don't, the faces in Skate 2 look...odd, particularly with your character, regardless of how many sliders you change when making it.

When Things Get Hairy: The hair still looks

Tank or Damage Per Second?: Who was in charge of the walking mechanic in this game? and why did they make it so stiff!? sure you get used to it, but i can't help but wonder...why is moving heavy objects around, easier than walking?

It's Not You, It's Me?: I can't tell if it's slow-mo, a bad framerate (due to my TV) or a mixture of both, but when bailing hard, i'd rather see it in a fluid 60 fps.

Shake That Jello: It could be the T-shirts im wearing, but when walking, the end tail of those shirts, just wobble and's alarming.

Going Through Rough Customs: The custom option for decks and hats ect. aren't that great, for the decks, i'd rather see something of THUG or Evolution Skateboarding quailty, where you could place stickers and graphics around like it was Forza. Also i noticed after making a custom couldn't change it's wear option.

I can't wait for the full game!