You'd Be Pissed Too

Im going to keep this short because im pretty damn furious.

Over 4 weeks ago i ordered a new PC from Dell because my old one died, it was a Dell XPS...

It was supposed to take 10 working

Then i got an e-mail saying it would take 15 working days... ok

But then on the 15th working day i got Another e-mail, saying its been pushed back another 2 weeks (August 4th) due to popularity....What!? why not tell me fucking sooner!?

And Now August 1st ANOTHER FUCKING E-MAIL! saying its been pushed back to August 20th....OK i can wait one more time...

BUT....few minutes later, Order is cancelled due to lack of the speakers i asked for.....WHAT!?

Dell are disgusting people

PC World then?

EDIT: persuing HP Elite