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Death_Burnout: Best of 2009

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  • Do i honestly need to explain this choice?

  • Seems i've gone a little Open World crazy this year, but Assassins Creed II hooked me in the most, i simply could not put this game down, and sadly as a result, i never want to pick it up again. The story blew my mind, all of the glyph stuff and The Truth had me salivating, i was able predict The Truth on the first sequence, but it was still so much fun to feel part of the discovery throughout, and the ending makes "Assassins Creed III" my most anticipated game of the future.

  • I think it's the soundtrack that earns this game's place alone, i could not have asked for a more perfect soundtrack! such a retro future feel, almost original Playstation era. The Geo-Mod 2.0 was superb...shame that when destroyed, a building would stay that way...Needs more giant smokestacks!

  • Before this game was released, i thought "meh" (mostly due to the fact i dont like comic related anything) then when going into it after giving it a chance...i didn't expect much. But much to my surprise, people's praise was well justified, as it was, and is totally awesome, second running for best looking game personally (Uncharted gets the top spot)

  • My most anticipated game of the year and perhaps my biggest let down...However, the shooting at its core was so damn fun, i spent endless weeks playing.

  • Best Rollercoaster ride of the year, and whilst not as good as Condemned 2, i was still often terrified for my life.

  • As a fan of open worlds...Brutal Legend's "slight" lack of immediate incentive to explore meant nothing to me, the world was so rich and filled with detail, i could not stop exploring!

  • Pandemic surprised me with this, it's very rough around the edges but it has all the trimmings of an open world game that i appreciate oh so much.

  • As a Super Fan of Call of Juarez...Bound in Blood offers, in my opinion, one of the best video game prequels ever seen...yet you have to play the original to appreciate that...and not a lot of people did.

  • Insanity Insanity Insanity! but the gentle accoustic summer feel guitar soundtrack...was the most perfect thing ever. Exaggeration