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So I'm presuming that this means the Psychonauts deal didn't go through. :(

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@deathstriker666: What? That makes no sense. First of all "The internet" is not paying for Psychonauts 2, one guy is. Second of all why should it be released for free? That's counter-intuitive to the main point, that there are audiences out there that would buy it. I don't think you understand that funding a game and purchasing it are very different things...

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@Jimbo: The important thing to remember here is that Schafer wanted this, he has publicly stated his intrest in the project and ultamitly he's the one that will have the final say in what happens. If Double Fine goes under because of this, it wil not be Notch's fault it will be Tim's.

If you think about it though, Psychonauts 2 isn't all that far off from what Double Fine has been doing for the past few years. Costume Quest and Stacking are two titles that basically explore the same themes and they did alright primarely for the price point. If Psychonauts 2 launched on digital download services at a price under $20 it could stand a chance.

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Today when I woke up I honestly felt like I was in the future.It just seemed so crazy. Whenever I saw something about Yu Suzuki not having the money to make a Shenmue 3 I thought to myself "Well let's see where the internet takes this." It was only a joke, no one in there right mind would ever come up and honestly fund something like this. Then in the last week or so it actually happened, someone was willing to fund a project that major publishers wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Regardless of whether or not we get a finished game out of the thing is almost besides the point, the seeds have been planted.

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Wait so there's no "real" multiplayer at all? Even between friends?

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The other problem, specificly with Endurance Runs is they would be competing with the product in question. For instance would you buy Chrono Trigger if you could buy a Chrono Trigger endurance run DVD? This is why you have to go through all the rigamarole when watching a Rifttrack DVD, and why all MST3k episodes aren't available.

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@NekuSakuraba said:

@Bocam said:

That would be totally illegal.

What? How is it illegal. =/

Most of the content you mentioned in the original posts (Endurance Run, Quick looks) use assets from other copyright holders. This is fine and falls under "fair use" for Giant Bomb, however if they were to make money off of it they would have to obtain a license from the copyright holders.

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So I bought Limbo yesterday, and I'm kind of liking it. Truth be told, I actually have a love-hate thing going on with the game, it's great when it's doing it's own unique thing but occasionally it goes for traditional puzzle trapping. The game's unique spots seem to be how it blends puzzles with survial aspects almost seemingly. The best puzzles in the game you don't even realize are puzzles. Take for example an early one where two bear traps fly at you, the soloution involves moving your character at just the right time, just the right way in order to dodge them. These puzzles are fast, fun and keep you moving. On the other hand there are more traditional puzzles that lock you into a room and involve placing blocks just so. These puzzles feel out of place in this game slow down the pacing and just aren't fun. The game also seems fond of dropping egg parasites on your head making it so they can only move one way, these sections also feel out of place, and seem like a crutch for "we couldn't think of anything cool for this section so here's this". So far it looks like I'll be pressing onward with this. Hopefully the game keeps doing what it does best more, while doing the other stuff less.

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I imagine someone hit the wrong button and it was meant to say "Review:Neverdead"

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The related games section of many pages is a mess. For example I recently went to the Braid page to find that "similar games" included such games as Donkey Kong and Blinx the Time Sweeper, which aren't really appropriate. In fact, if you look around many of these sections are a mess. So I'm asking my fellow bombers to help make these suggestions relevant again. Go to your favorite game's page and look at the list of "similar games", most likely it will be pretty long. Sort through it, and if you see anything that doesn't fit, delete it. This process only takes about a minute, but if everybody does it the site will be helped tremendously.