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Best of 2011

Every game on this list also has amazing music. 2011 was year of video game music

List items

  • Saints Row: The Third is pretty stupid. It is also brilliant. Quick dive controls, quick car dive controls, good 3rd person shooting, arcade like driving, air control, good interface, and the game is really stupid.

  • Fanboy. Arkham City sticks to the many pluses with Asylum while making small tweaks and adding many pleasant surprises for Batman fans and casual fans. The combat is even better with many new upgrades and enemy variety to keep combat fresh. The open world may be somewhat lifeless and you do visit everyone at their place to have them say cameo but it is very much worth the entire experience. Twice. Maybe a third time. Also that music!

  • Portal 1 was such a surprise that broke so many expectations that made a sequel seem unwarranted much akin to Bioshock 2. While Portal 2 couldnt do the same, the great writing, characters, and new paint puzzles made the experience fantastic even though most puzzles break down into "find the portal wall to solve." Portal 2 may not be as great gameplay wise comparatively to Portal 1 but the writing helps shine over all the short comings.

  • Moment of truth Isaac. While Dead Space 2 skimps on the super creepy atmosphere of the first, it still keeps a nice one while improving on the controls, combat, and even Isaac. It was nice to experience a city like environment while establishing real characters that are not just going to be murdered. The game also looks great.

  • A surprise shoot em up with fantastic music. I dont agree with the latter levels requiring you to up the difficulty because I imagine most people would become irritated by it. I love me a difficult shump and this game scratches that itch so well

  • I am kind of a fan

  • Cave Story+ just "came out" on Steam so I consider it a 2011 thing

  • Strawberries are ground up tongues as a prank on humanity by the Lord of Demons. Johnson also hints that "pop her cherry" is more than a saying. Also Suda,Mikami, Yamaoka

  • This game was cheaper than Demon's Souls with it's deaths and didnt have the same experience as it. Demon's Souls was unlike anything I played before and made a nice impact on me while adding so many variations. However more Souls is a welcome thing with even more variety

  • I didnt know if I enjoyed Rougelike games. After about 20 hours of this, I love the random layouts and pure dependence on chance. Also I think I enjoy the cute grotesque thing more and more