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I'm finally back (L)!

I really missed you all!! (L) :'(

Bas, Me, Erik (Bulgaria '09)
Bas, Me, Erik (Bulgaria '09)
Hey guys, it has been so damn long since my last activity here on GiantBomb and I'm glad to say that I'm completely back now! :D I've been active on GameSpot again because my account got reinstated after 2+ years, so that has cost me some time as well. Wow, I just found out that tomorrow it is precisely ONE year ago since my last blogpost here on GiantBomb, damn! :P I guess there is a lot to keep up with, so it will take a while before I completely finished my profile. Time will tell.. ;) Other then that I finished my IT education and started a new education called Game Design/Game Artist. This is my second schoolweek and so far it's looking really really good. But more on that later, right now some updates.
I've also added a picture of me to the left (I'm the middle guy) that I got my hands full (of beer) when I was not active here! ;)

Here's a short summary of my recent activities, changes and upcoming changes:

  • I already uploaded a couple of new pictures to my GiantBomb profile which you can check out here: Decimator's Images
  • Also for those who are using GameSpot, feel free to invite me as a friend or track my contributions: StraiN-ShifTeD's Profile
  • I haven't played much games lately, but there are a few reviews coming up real soon. (Already reviewed Red Faction: Guerilla)
  • And probably the most important thing: My profile will get pimped.. you'll see soon enough! :)
  • Apart from the changes and stuff I'm trying to be active as possible, so I'll respond to walls/emails/etc. again. :)
Thanks a lot for reading, feel free to leave a comment on my blog! :D

The Witcher Enhanced Edition / Crysis Warhead

After a long time I'm still playing Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Devil May Cry 4. While these games are getting both boring and repetitive I found it time to buy myself some new games. This time I chose another First Person Shooter and a Role Playing Game, although I haven't played nor reviewed them yet. Reviewing will be done in the near future whenever I finished either one of the games.

Crysis Warhead

Everyone knows it's predeccessor Crysis which, after all, was a unique and beautiful game. I'm not a fan of Sci-Fi shooters, but Crysis changed the way I look at them. The level of realism and destructive environment made it impossible for me to not play it. So that's my reason for picking Crysis Warhead, I even ordered it online. No, I don't pre-order since I find that too expensive.

In my previous blog post I noted that I got a brand new gaming machine. Meaning it will not be a problem at all to run Crysis Warhead at maximum graphical settings. According to several reviews (1, 2, 3) about my Graphics Card I'm able to play with 40+ frames on Widescreen (1680 x 1050) resolution with every settings maxed out.

Apart from all the improvements, enhancements, addons, extras and so on Crysis Warhead promises to be one hell of a game. Sad enough I haven't found any time yet to play it but will be really soon.

Whenever I finished the game you can expect a complete review about every aspect of the game!

The Witcher Enhanced Edition

Everyone knows the 'great' The Witcher game, whilst I honestly found it a complete dissapointment. Luckilly I didn't buy that game but tried a demo instead. With dissapointing I seriously mean that in every way and every aspect of the game. The installation of the demo already was a mess for me, whenever my first gameplay minutes started the mess continued.

Not just the visuals were terribly bugged but also the controls, in-game dialogues, scripts, inventory, weapons, armors.. what not? I find it harsh to say but I haven't played the first game any longer than 20 minutes before uninstalling. It could have been just me, but why would every other game run great except for The Witcher? So time for changes I would say.

The Witcher Enhanced Edition promises all these flaws fixed and gone for good. I Google'd a bit around and I found several sources (1, 2) confirming this. It seemed like that the original The Witcher game got rushed into the stores. Where The Witcher Enhanced Edition has become the game the original The Witcher should have been.

But just like Crysis Warhead I haven't found any time to play the game yet. I honestly can't wait to play it since I really like Role Playing Game games.

Don't forget to expect a big review of the game as soon as I completed it.