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What Goes Around Comes Around (In Console Availability)

So... about 13 years ago I wanted to buy a PS1.  It had been out a while but I had been saving my money for a while, being a poor high school student. But alas, on the one day in the middle of the summer, I tried to buy the console to no avail: every big box retailer and game store in town was out of stock. Now it wasn't big deal - I ended up getting one a couple weeks later. The point being that it's one of those "it figures" moments - you see something you want to get when you don't have the money and as soon as you do have the money, you can't get it. 
Just today I told myself "OK, this is the day I'm going to cash all my Target giftcards from Christmas, birthday, etc. in to buy a PS3. I've been patient and responsible with my money, paying off important bills and debts for years instead of buying things for myself. Now, in the year 2011, in the middle of March, in the age of nationally- networked inventory controls and abundance of tech, I should be able to just walk into a Target and buy a 5-year old console like the PS3 right? Right?" 
Apparently a ton of people really wanted to play Killzone 3 and didn't have a console in which to do.  
(Before commenting, keep in mind that I l know full well that this is a White Whine. I'm not angry or anything, either - like I said, it's just one of those "it figures" moments.)


I Know What I'll be Doing for the Next 4 Months

Probably not much gaming this spring. I have work full time and full-on grad school part-time. My first assignment for one class has me reading at least 8 academic papers, writing a 12+ page report, and preparing a 10-minute presentation. This is all due on Feb. 14th. My other class has a 5-minute intro presentation due this Tuesday. Oy - well, I knew this would be pretty hardcore going in.


Sonic 4

Once again proving that though fanboys say they really want something, they really don't want the true end result.


Space Invaders IG

I really want to get my hands on Space Invaders Infinity Gene. Out of all the games coming out the next 3-6 months that one might be the tipping point for me to get a 360.