Games Beaten in 2018

Changing it up this year! Doing away with platform specific categories.

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  • PS4 - 10th of January

    I thought the story was great and the characters were funny and relatable. I did find myself tired of walking around the world near the end though. 4 out of 5 stars.

  • PS4 - 21st of January

    Great artwork but this game was boring. The battle narrator was way too long winded and the characters weren't interesting. I skipped all the dialog after a few hours. The actual game within the game wasn't very engaging to me. Making it harder didn't help, it was just a harder game that I wasn't interested in. 2 out of 5 stars.

  • War of the Chosen DLC

    PC - 9th of February

    I thought this DLC changed up the game in interesting ways but I was not wanting to replay through the entire game again, wasn't a fan of that.

  • Frozen Wilds DLC

    PS4 - 15th of February

    The new area, weapons, and handful of new quests were a good addition to the base game. I played through this well after I beat the main game so the narrative felt a bit strange in spots but if you were to play through this content along with the main game it would seem perfectly normal.

  • NS - 19th of February

    This one makes it on the top 5 of my favorite Mario games, those retro bits were really fun. The Luncheon kingdom wasn’t nearly as fun as I wanted it to be and I will say at the end I really wanted it to be over. I wasn’t into the very last segment very much.

  • PC - 21st of February

    Unique interface for an RPG that I wound up loving. It's really short but meant to be played through several times.

  • PC - 26th of February

    This game is bananas and at a couple hours long it's the most bananas per hour of any game I've ever played. That's all I've got to say.

  • PS4 - 6th of March

    What little story there was in this game was enjoyable. I appreciated the new challenge that every colossus brought to the game but this game eventually got monotonous.

  • PC - 8th of March

    Finally went back to this game after not having touched it for a while. This game has great style and is surprisingly humorous.

  • NS - 22nd of March

    This game is fucking ridiculous and fun. It has great combat and over-the-top boss battles. But the plot is hard to follow at times and the fan service could be turned down a bit.

  • PS4 - 24th of March

    Short but emotionally moving narrative. I loved the house and how you wound your way through it as the story progressed. I found Barbara and Lewis' stories particularly good. The way they portrayed Lewis' day dreaming at work using both joysticks was a very good touch.

  • NS - 16th of April

    Improvement over the first game in most ways. They ditched the constant use of Fly Me To The Moon which is nice but they added a wise cracking preteen raver which is interesting. Who wears a hoodie without sleeves?

  • PS4 - 18th of May

    Unlike past God of War games, the combat wasn't the selling point for me. Granted it's pretty good in this new series; I liked the axe quite a bit. For me this game was all about a journey that was made even better by some of the best supporting characters in a game so far this year - Brok, Sindri, and Mimir. I loved Freya and without giving too much away her monologue at the end was one of my favorite parts.

    Beyond just the story, this game has overtaken Horizon (still great) as my go to game for PS4 visuals, especially when played in HDR. The world is just so strikingly colorful.

    I like this game so much I'm still playing it post story conclusion. Going to beat these Valkyries.

  • PS4 - 8th of July

    This game made some choices - adding strategy game elements, city sim elements, and a tweak to the active battle system but I didn't find any of those things very interesting. I never participated with the city building or strategy elements more than I needed to. The combat, while active, wasn't very responsive and was far too easy. They did patch in more difficulty levels though to their credit.

    All in all this game was boring, would not recommend.

  • PS4 - 4th of August

    I thought this game had a good message and the narrative caught my interest after the half way point. It made quite a few choices that you don't often see in video games. But playing the game wasn't all that enjoyable. The combat was boring and I loathed navigating the world.

    What choice did you make after ending E?

  • Xbox One - 31st of August

    I initially wasn't going to play this game, but I got it for free with my purchase of an Xbox One X. It's far from perfect but I had a good time playing through it.

  • PS4 - 3rd of September

    Short but I absolutely loved this game.

  • PS4 - 26th of September

    This game was solid, excellent visuals, entertaining story (for the most part), and fun combat...until it wasn’t. This was one of those games I regret getting the platinum trophy in because it tainted my enjoyment. Those challenge quests and having to complete all the fights in every area was a chore and really dragged the last quarter of the game down.

  • PS4 - 31st of December

    This game was a real journey. I spent the first three chapters doing a lot of side quests and grew so aggravated with the combat system and the transversal that I almost gave it up. But I decided to focus on story missions and I'm glad I did.

    A few bad things - for a game centered around gunfighting, the controls are bad. Also it really needs a better fast travel system, especially late game. I know you can fast travel once you upgrade the camp but it's only out of the camp, not back. Then a lot of the story missions were large distances apart and never crossed camp so I would set it on autopilot and go do something else for a bit.

    For the good - the game is fucking beautiful. I played it on a Pro and it was a fantastic looking game. So much effort was put into the animations as well, every movement has weight and detail which at times detracts from the gameplay. I also grew to really like Arthur and enjoyed shaping his character. The storyline is what kept me going ultimately, it's long but around chapter 4 or so it really took off for me. It had one of the more interesting character deaths I've seen in a video game.