Games Finished in 2021

It's 2021 and we're still stuck inside because of a global pandemic but games still need to be played.

A few notes on this list, write ups will probably contain spoilers and they also come in very hot after I finish a game so please keep that in mind.

The Bammer

  • Bugsnax - Adorable food creatures but gameplay wasn't very fun. Persona 5 Royal eventually wrestled my attention away from this title.
  • Wasteland 3 - Played a few hours but it didn't hook me, I found the combat to be boring.
  • Streets of Rage 4 - I liked the art style but the beat 'em up gameplay didn't interest me.

List items

  • PS5 (PS4 title) - 17th of February - 145 Hours Played - Platinum Trophy

    I know PS5 owners have access to the vanilla version of P5 for free through the PS plus collection however I would highly recommend spending the money for the royal version the additions make it feel like what P5 should have been from the beginning. You're going to spend a large chunk of time in this game you may as well go for the better version.

    This game's ideas of morality can be juvenile at times and some aspects are problematic but I love this game. This was only made more so with the current predicament we find ourselves in. I can't hang out with my friends in person right now but I enjoyed playing darts or going to the movies with my teammates. I was sad to leave this world after spending a little over six full days playing this game.

    I do have a few complaints however. Why do I have to exit the velvet room interface to delete persona from my inventory? Why show points added to the character trait screen after I filled up every trait? Also I could use a break from hearing the word "persona" several times during every battle.

  • XSX (XBO title) - 26th of February - 8.5 Hours Played

    I've finally played through the campaigns of all the Halo games. This entry was entertaining but not exactly memorable.

  • PS5 (PS4 title) - 6th of March - 11 Hours Played

    This game was pretty fun for the most part, minus the mine section. It was repetitive but the short length of the single player kept it from getting too bad. The ability to choose different ships / load outs in later missions also helped. I wasn't interested in multiplayer so this was a fun change of pace from P5R.

  • PS5 (played in Hitman 3) - 9th of March - 10 Hours Played

    When this reboot initially hit I bounced off of it. It was something I had more fun watching other people play but after Hitman 3 came out it finally clicked. I had a blast playing through this game and sharing stories with my friends. I was also surprised by how interested I was in the storyline.

  • PS5 (played in Hitman 3) - 14th of March - 11 Hours Played

    More levels. More fun.

  • PS5 - 26th of March - 7 Hours Played

    This one is my favorite of the bunch. Death in the family and apex predator are some of my favorite levels in this new trilogy.

  • PS5 (PS4 title) - 3rd of May - 12 Hours Played

    I enjoyed this game more than I thought I would given the last few entries in the series. This one creeped me out more than any RE game has previously, I don't think I could handle playing this in VR.


    Not a Hero - 7th of May - 1.5 Hours Played

    End of Zoe - 8th of May - 1 Hour Played

  • PS5 - 21st of May - 10 Hours Played

    I appreciated quite a few things they did with this game. As soon as you got used to a certain setting or game play style it was switched on you. Ethan is a cornball but it brought some laughs that weren't necessarily there in RE7. I look forward to seeing what they do with RE9.