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Yeah, I'm not rushing to defend anyone who once defended peoples right to ban "persons who openly engage in homosexual conduct as partners in their business, as scoutmasters for their children, as teachers in their children’s schools, or as boarders in their home."

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Me. I wanna play the game the way it was intended to be played, at least the first time.

The new muton sounds cool though. They position it as a kind of mini-boss, which I think would be quite nice to play with. So I might use that one, we'll see.

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Currently logged 709 hours into Civ V. I can't see myself stop playing this until they release the next one.

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$169 million.

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@hbomberguy: The solution is easy though. It's a very small series of events, moving back and forth in an area with almost no enemies, to make a jump to a door.

If he's cheated somehow (which I 100% believe he has) then he will have this finished in no time.

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@frostyryan: Uh, I think this one being a completely different type of game then every other title in the series might have something to do with it.

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Hey, MGSV5 has such little story in it, it really doesn't matter.

They took a time period referenced heavily in previous games and decided not to include any of that stuff, but to introduce a bunch of new things instead. So you're pretty much fine.

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I'm a teacher, so maybe I am a little bit biased, but the amount of people replying with "let him do it, it's none of your business" is really worrying. Did you people not read this bit?

Normally I would just let him have his dream like any kid his age but it's starting to have an effect on his school work. His attitude towards school has shifted into an, "I don't need to learn this junk because I'm going to be a millionare once my youtube channel hits it big."

There is a huge difference between letting kids be kids and letting a kids attitude to learning go down the drain. You need to pay attention to the sorts of activities they get up to outside of class, especially if he's publishing his voice (potentially face) and name online. Should you put a stop to it and crush his dreams? No. Should you talk to his parents about the potential risks involved with letting an 11 year old go crazy with a youtube account? Yes, of course.

It's also the parents job to be doing this stuff, so don't worry too much at the moment, OP. It's up to the parents to say "hey, you've not done any of your homework, you've just made these sick trick vids for CODBLOPSIII, that's not cool".

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I do not advise anyone who hasn't gotten to the true ending of the game yet (the second one) to look at the spoiler sections of this post.


You have not finished the game.

There are two chapters.

There are three endings. Two of them are about Big Boss, one is about Quiet.

There is a fourth ending that was cut from the game and is only available to view as a pieced together video made up of unfinished cut scenes mixed together with story board drawings and voice overs. This was included in the collectors edition, it was 30% finished before it was cut. This fourth ending is critical to many story points in the game and not having it actually be in the game is a fucking joke. There is literally entire crucial story plots that just don't come up again because Konami cut those missions. If you want to know what happens to these characters Eli, Psycho Mantis and the Metal Gear they stole, well, you better track down that video online because you will never find out in the game.

Oh, and if you are looking for specific cut scenes from the trailers, a good number of them are just straight up not in the game. Maybe they will be DLC? Maybe they were cut? Maybe they were just created to confuse us? Who knows, but scenes from the trailer such as Big Boss screaming in the ruins of a burning village and a group of child soldiers sitting on top of a tank just are not in the game.