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Despite being hampered by disappointing single player and online 0

 The long running 'Tekken' franchise is commonly thought of as one of the better fighting game franchises of all time, often being compared (albeit frequently unfavorably) to the legendary Street Fighter series. Tekken 6 retains much of what makes the Tekken games great, and it is arguably the most ambitious game in the series. Despite being hampered by disappointing single player and online content, Tekken 6 is still a great fighting game. Tekken 6 features an impressive roster of 40 fighters,...

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Do you own a PSP? Because if you do, you should own Crisis Core 0

If you consider yourself a gamer, casual or hardcore, and have been playing games for at least a few years, chances are you've heard about Final Fantasy VII, either through publications and fans talking about the game or through the various Final Fantasy VII spin-offs that have been released in the last four years, including four games and two video features, one of which was the full length CG extravaganza known as Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Final Fantasy VII, to this day, is consider...

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Tekken at its finest 0

Ever since its debut in Japanese arcades in late 1994, the Tekken series has always been one of the most highly regarded 3D Fighting game franchises in recent memory, maybe ever. Especially these days, quality 3D fighting games aren't exactly common, so in that sense Tekken 5 is a breath of fresh air into what some consider a dying gaming genre. In case your not familiar with Tekken, its a one on one 3D fighting game, pitting the most skilled fighters of the world, each with varying fighting sty...

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