Favourite Atari ST Games

This contains a list of my favourite games for the Atari ST

List items

  • 3D racer on insane tracks. Awesome in it's day and still very playable now.

  • Classic space combat / trading game. I played this for ages, but never achieved Elite status.

  • Amazing cyberpunk game.

  • I much preferred this one to Speedball 2. I found the games were generally faster paced and more exciting.

  • Ground breaking game where you controlled a carrier and all it's defenses aswell as it's planes and amphibious craft. Why this has never been remade is a mistery to me.

  • One of the best shooters ever. Loved it, and created a number of custom galaxies which have sadly been lost to the mists of time.

  • Maybe the first god game? Amazing game, still lots of fun now.

  • One of the best shooters ever. Only four levels, but it was not easy to beat them and a blast all the way. I much preferred this one to it's more successful sequel.

  • Outstanding and groundbreaking RPG. It was amazing in it's day but I always thought it could have done with an auto-map!