Dead Space 2 Commercial

Has anyone seen the new "your mom will hate it commercial?" I am kind of torn on what to think of this thing. 
Firstly I feel they are marketing a very violent and R rated game to young kids, which while I'm not "when will someone think of the children", I feel this is just more cannon fodder for this group (and I do think extreme violence for certain young kids can twist the head a little bit, but thats the parents job to understand what the kids are playing).
I also feel it may be a bit of a shot and parody for the "think of the children group"...but if this is the case when will this ever do well for an industry being attacked from all sides as the new trouble industry? An industry that still doesn't get a mature ratings, but banned, in Australia. An industry who gets targeting as toys for children, and as warping kids...this is only spitting in their faces, and that never ends well. 
This commercial only gives that side more resolve, and I worry more censorship for games may be on the way. 
OOOOOOOOR....maybe it's just a sign that censorship lost here? Either way, the commercial only ads to an overall immature view that seems to be the main opinion from non gamers.