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A fun but dangerous game 3

I've played Entropia on and off for maybe 6 years now on a few different accounts (the majority of those being "off"). It's an amazingly intriguing concept. "Invest" into a virtual avatar, stake a claim on a virtual planet, live in a world tied directly to the real world economy. To start off, I am not a disgruntled customer because I didn't make money in this game. People expecting to make money playing video games are insane. I understand Mindark needs a business strategy, I just don't like th...

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A fantastic game 'ruined' by lack of difficulty 1

With all the recent Mario sports titles being spewed out by Nintendo, it’s hard to remember a time when Mario was just a mere plumber stomping on mushrooms to save the princess.  New Super Mario Brothers brings us back to a better, happier time, before Mario was hitting more home runs than stomping goombas.  New Super Mario Brothers takes the 2d platformer where it has never been before: the 3rd dimension; to a degree anyway. The game features some of the best Mario platforming of all time, a ve...

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