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Best of 2009

Defias: Best of 2009

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  • Lots of value for the price. Massive enthralling journey. Best game of the year.

  • Action packed and thrilling shooter. Great upgrades to multiplayer and is a worthy contender

  • One of the best superhero video games ever created. I expected it to be a mere cash grab on the popularity of the dark knight, luckily I was incorrect and it was a fantastic game

  • A drastic improvement in the predecessor that is far more enjoyable and far less repetitive.

  • An impressive game with an assload of guns to boot. Plus it is an awesome experience having an elite gun no one else has.

  • Drastic improvement in depth of fighting accuracy. Still wish it was faster paced.

  • Its the altering of the musical instrument implemented that breathes life into a game genre that is dying with boredom

  • Not perfect by any standards but I can't count the many times I have had amazingly fun matches against friends and family

  • Another consistent quality resident evil experience

  • A good game that deserves credit for being a good open world game. RIP Pandemic studios