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Whammied Out 0

As a kid growing up in the 80's and 90's, Press Your Luck was a staple of my childhood. The original show was extremely entertaining with a lot of luck involved, and of course the Whammy, always ready to take away all your winnings.  Sadly, Press Your Luck 2010 Edition for the Wii evokes none of those old memories.   Firstly, there are parts that the game gets correct. The general board layouts remain true to the original show, with some exceptions, and the Whammy animations that play when you l...

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An epic adventure awaits, if you can handle the long grind. 0

Final Fantasy XI is the first, and currently only, chapter in the Final Fantasy series to be an MMORPG.  As such, the criticism of making a numbered entry in the series go such a radical direction is very high, but you discover as you play, that this title is deserving of it's place in the franchise. The game comes as part of Square Enix's online service, PlayOnline, so with FFXI comes the PlayOnline Viewer, the game launcher/patcher program that's a bit clunky, and it's presence has been calle...

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