Twenty-nineteen? Two-thousand and nineteen? Are these real numbers? Time is the fire in which we burn.

Games I play in 2019 will go on this list! Of course! Plus a few speculative items I'm likely to enjoy. We'll see what happens come GOTY season w/r/t the orderin' and the flavin'

List items

  • Sunless Sea was one of my favourite games the year it came out. 2015? 2016? These numbers don't feel real either. Get 'em outta here. But with that in mind, Sunless Skies is basically a better Sunless Sea, and in space, with trains! That's a lot. I'm all about all that.

  • Ready to jump into this at any time. I was never an Advance Wars guy, or an early Fire Emblem guy, or even a guy who owned a GBA at any point, but I see those boxes being checked, and I like what those boxes mean.

  • Possibly the middle ground between PUBG and Fortnite I've been looking for all this time, and they may have got there simply by adding Overwatch elements. Since Overwatch and I still get along really well I'd call this a win - unless I get in there and decide I hate it for some reason. "Jokes on you it's actually Battleborn!" Nah, that can't happen.

    A solo mode would be nice, even with all the super smart comms systems Apex has for squads. (Squad.)

  • One of a few fairly big-name fighters to put their "core" experience up for free with the rest DLC piecemeal, so not-coincidentally this is also the first Dead or Alive game I've played since the original.

    I doubt very much I'll end up putting actual dollars into this, certainly not if Soul Calibur 6 ever goes on sale, so I suppose I'd better get fond of Kasumi or just stop.

  • A perfectly cromulent Early Access free-to-play Battle Royale (stop me if you've heard this one before) with a cool theme, pun intended, but unless it's already made a dent in the bigger names in this genre and I haven't noticed, ehh, I wouldn't bet a whole lot of money on its ongoing health, TenCent or nah.

    Plus it might be somewhat questionable in other ways. Spooky ways.

  • 3-on-3 pond-style hockey, sometimes even on a pond. Handling is a bit wonky, but of course I've been saying that about most hockey games since NHL '94. Gamepad support with stick controls on R3 would be rad.

  • The recent Steam version of a browser game which I suppose has been around a while, but whatever.

    It's rather chill in that No Man's Sky kind of way, even if I'm not always sure what I'm doing and why, other than hoovering up a lot of blue things, and sometimes a red thing, so I can eventually attach more square things to my Captain Forever ship, 'til it eventually resembles Scott Bakula's Starship Enterprise, at which point I will have walked the entire #LongRoad and I can finally stop.

  • I got into the demo somehow but still haven't got around to poking at it. The trailer looked very promising. Hopefully the full game comes out before all the shine has come off retro/synth/vaporwave entirely, unless it somehow takes so long that Cyberpunk 2077 comes out first and brings us around the other side, refreshed.

    we get it guys you liked Hotline Miami and the movie Drive

  • An Early Access thing. I think it's a Bomberman-like? If it ends up being an actual 2019 release, well, here it is.

    Can I get away with putting Saturn Bomberman on this list instead? Anything shooting for Bomberman has a pretty high bar to clear.

  • Another Early Access thing. I don't remember what it is, where it came from, how it found its way into my library, and who knows if it'll leave Early Access this year, but... it may as well go on the list?

  • It sure as hell doesn't look like what I want Phantasy Star to be in 2019, or any other year, really, but... it's a free thing with the words Phantasy Star on it, so I feel compelled to take a look anyway. Sigh.

    Obviously, I'll only be able to do that if it comes out in English over here in the west. You only have to take a look at the history of PSO2 to know nothing's certain there, sadly.

  • Entirely dependent on whether or not I can source myself a Switch this year, of course. If so it'll probably land somewhere in the top five barring something really unexpectedly disappointing happening.