Coming Attractions 2020

Into! The! Future!

Stuff I'm looking forward to this year will go here, partially just to remind myself they exist.

List items

  • Yakuza but it's a fully turn-based JRPG. Madness. This is madness, and I can't wait to see it.

    ...even though there's a strong possibility I'm going to hit all three PS3 remasters, catch up on Yakuza 6, and then this, all in one year. That's Kamurochoverdose.

  • DONTNOD doing more DONTNOD things. They've got way more hits than misses and the misses they do have are still at least pretty interesting. Will this be another strong, gutting hit, or an interesting miss? Either feels possible with Tell Me Why. Can't wait to see it.

  • Representin' Vancouver, British Columbia. Representin' raccoons.

  • Hard to imagine what Baldur's Gate will even look like in 2020. More Pillars than Dragon Age? A polished Pathfinder Kingmaker? A Soulslike with more RPG bits?

  • Hoping the final product makes up for CDPR's frustrating online presence and some other pretty ridiculous eye-rolling mistakes they keep making around the edges. Hoping my PC can handle it.

  • I haven't played Wasteland 2 yet. The original Wasteland is almost as old as I am. But with Fallout in such a strange place right now, the more Wastelands we have, the better. I just hope it's better than some of its trailers because woof.

  • Halycon 6 kept losing me after a few hours. Maybe this will be different?

  • Looks pretty slick, though it'll live or die on its mechanical choices.