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Games that I'm working through right now, or at least trying to keep up with. Stalls are common.

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  • Like Sunless Sea before it, Skies is shades of Escape Velocity, if EV settled down a little to catch its breath. Roguelite (like?) elements, super pretty spacey backdrops, deep fiction, powerful moods. Those who like it like it a lot.

  • Attempting to refresh my memory and get accustomed to all the big changes in 2.2 just so I'll be ready when the New Horizons mod updates. #LongRoad

  • A really great adaption of a really great classic. There's a fan translation floating around, go get it.

  • Go Dragons, go Spark, go Titans, in more or less that order.

  • Yo check out my sweet +10 Tharja merge.

  • Gonna get that Alis Landale then quit, I swear.