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Games that I'm working through right now, or at least trying to keep up with. Stalls are common.

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  • Two consecutive playthroughs in the books and I've already started a third on Hard just to see if it can be done. I can't remember the last time I did this, not even with previous GOTY winners have I done this, unless I immediately forgot I did it.

  • A smaller, streamlined, laser-focused, and surprising experimental new take on the modern XCOM formula. Not quite Into The Breach in its deceptive simplicity, but perhaps closer than anyone really expected. A lot of the new ideas Chimera Squad is tooling around with would be more than welcome in XCOM 3 someday. What doesn't work is largely a matter of UI jank. A surprising success.

  • I've always been kinda bad at brawlers and I was never a Streets of Rage person in the old days despite absolutely being a Sega Genesis person. Streets of Rage 2 (or its soundtrack, really) somehow got me anyway in one of the many recent Genesis collections, so here I am, jumping into SoR4 at launch. A weird road.

    This same team's Wonder Boy remake, Sonic Mania, M2's fantastic relaunch of the Sega Ages remaster line on the Switch, and now Streets of Rage 4, have put Sega at the forefront of super high quality legacy releases, and I can't wait to see what's next.

  • I improved lil' Shade's home to the point where it's comfortable enough to speed up the clock by 3 or 4 times, sat him down in his cozy chair, then... logged out, forgetting to check in on him since. I hope he's doing alright. I wonder how many of his 400 days have already passed.

  • Very slowly working my way towards the midgame, constantly distracted by sidequests and mindless grinding set against my podcast backlog. I probably would've finished it by now if I really pushed it, but with so many Spring 2020 releases delayed a month or six, I've got time to kill.

  • Not quite a forevergame, but perhaps sneaking right up on the border. I'm very very slowly chipping away at my third run, which will either be pure Black Eagles or... not. That might be a game-day decision. Anyway, this third run isn't just happening because I love this game and I wanna see it all, but also in preparation for Waypoint's upcoming spoilercast.

  • Forevergame #1. Yo check out my sweet +10 Tharja merge.

  • Forevergame #2. Or it was, until the Hong Kong mess took the wind out of my sails. I might just fuck around and not really bother poking at Overwatch until some of that gets better or the sequel drops.

  • Forevergame #3. What an amazing thing for this particular nightmare of a time. A salve for the soul.