Games I May Never Play For Purely Aesthetic Reasons

Sometimes we're all a little superficial, judging books by covers and whatnot. Sometimes, art design in games just really turns me off to the point where I'll probably never give those games or series of games a real shake, whether they deserve one or not. Unfortunately, I'm not always able to explain why, but here are a few victims of this phenomenon.

List items

  • One of the few games that I remember magazines and random forum posters insisting would sell people Xboxes. Didn't work for me, and apparently it didn't work for a whole lot of other people, either. In my case I just hated the look of it.

  • Tetsuya Nomura's otherwise serviceable character designs just look horrible to me when superdeformed like that, with the sole exception of Vivi. Still, of all the older Final Fantasy games, I'm probably more likely to give this one a chance than any of the others I didn't mess with before.

  • I know, ragging on Akira Toriyama is a clich√© or something. I don't care. Also, the garish colour palate isn't helping me. Looking at screenshots of any random Dragon Quest title developed past the point where consoles were capable of displaying more than a dozen colours feels like someone is cracking open paintball rounds and pouring them right on my eyeballs.

  • Like Sudeki, except that people actually played it.

  • I know, nothing produced during the 32-bit transitional era of polygons and texture warping looked any good at all. No free pass here, though; all I can think of looking at those characters is how someone at Sony must've really liked Final Fantasy VII enough to ape its character modelling. Not a great plan.

  • Or hell, Rare games in general, but especially these ones. Nothing reminds me of how much the late 90s sucked quite like leopard-print bikinis, metallic hair, and the Nintendo 64.

  • Not that I would play any of these games to begin with, but Pixar's Cars is a perfect example of a design aesthetic that simply rubs me the wrong way. I have enough trouble with anthropomorphized animals, but those are everywhere and occasionally done reasonably well, or at least inoffensively so. But this is too much. It just looks wrong.