Japanese games all use the same font.

Has anybody else noticed that most Japanese games seem to use the same goddamn font all the time? It looks awful, doesn't it? I don't know why they do it. Nobody likes the look of the font, it's ugly and off putting, but they seem to keep reusing it over and over again. Examples would probably be most JRPGs, Resident Evil games, Demon's Souls, Chromehounds, Armored Core games, Dead Rising, Street Fighter 4, Lost Planet, Deadly Premonition, and a lot of other games. I think Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy games are the only ones that actually break out of this cliche and use somewhat good tasteful fonts. Oh, and Persona 4... I just checked, that game also stays away from the generic font.
Does anybody know what this terrible font is called? It seems to resemble really old fashioned font, but without a lot of the fanciful embellishments that you'd get with a font from a typewriter.