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Star Trek: The laziness of John Eaves

Interesting thing I noticed about the Scimitar from Nemesis.

Back in DS9, they needed a design for the Dominion Battlecruiser. This was supposed to be the big badass capital ship of the Dominion, before they revealed the Battleship in "Valiant." The art design guy assigned to create this new ship was one John Eaves:

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John worked long and hard and came up with this final design, which looked rather predatory and dashing and evoked the aesthetic of the Dominion attack ships:

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Then DS9 ended. But there were still movies and other series to work on. One of the TNG movies, Insurrection, needed ship designs for the antagonists, the Son'a. Good old reliable John Eaves came up to bat and created the battleship and cruiser designs. But there was another ship that the script called for. This was a shuttle that would launch little drones to transport all the innocent Baku folk up. John Eaves worked and came up with this:

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Well, huh. That's interesting. I mean, it doesn't really look like the other Son'a designs at all... in fact, it kinda looks a bit like that old Dominion battlecruiser, doesn't it? Why would the Son'a ship look so similar to a Dominion ship that was designed all the way across the galaxy, in the Gamma Quadrant? This is getting a bit fishy, but maybe he ran out of time. I guess it's not that big a deal.

Insurrection turned out to be a shitty ST movie, but they still found a way to make another one. This one would be a final farewell to the TNG cast, and was named Nemesis. The script called for a huge Reman battleship that could cloak, fire while cloaked, and have multiple regenerative shields while cloaked. It would also be about as big as a Borg Cube. Sounds a little fan-fictiony to me. But anyways, once again they turned to John Eaves to design this new unique ship. It had to be Reman, which we'd never seen before. But one expected to see some Romulan design influences. Well, what we got was:

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Goddamnit, stop letting John Eaves create ships! He just makes the same damn ship over and over again! Fuck.