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The Flash season finale


There's good, and there's bad.

The Bad: Poor writing on Barry's dad. They never convinced me why his dad would not want him to go back and change the past. He'd get his wife back. He'd get his life back, without being stuck in a shitty prison. This is something that any normal person would say yes to. But Barry's dad is the complete opposite, and giving out some hazy, half-baked platitude about maybe Barry losing something within himself or whatnot? I didn't really even understand what he was talking about. It was just odd and a poorly-thought out rationale.

Barry's mom. He doesn't save her. He just stands by and lets her die, based solely on seeing future Barry gesturing to him to stop. Cmon, man. This made absolutely no sense. This has been torturing Barry for his entire life. The idea of going back and saving her has been on his mind for half of this entire season. Yet when the time came, he just completely gave up, even though this whole opportunity was risked on a chance of a singularity possibly destroying the entire planet. WTF? Just lame and incomprehensible.

Yeah, they went and gave him a final farewell to his mom, blatantly ripping off the ending to Mark Waid's Superman Birthright. That had emotion, sure. But I wasn't invested in it, because I was just stuck wondering why he idiotically refused to save his mom. And also... just noticing the fact that Nora Allen's stab wound to the heart was apparently lazily applied with some ketchup packets at the last minute. What was that all about?

The Good: Eddie's sacrifice. Okay, this was something I never saw coming. Eddie pulls a Looper and shoots himself to wipe Zoom out of existence. It was shocking and emotional and a great farewell to Eddie. It completely worked. Seeing his lifeless body tragically getting swept up and sucked into the singularity was really quite stirring. It's a funny thing... right after I was super bummed out about how they completely botched the Nora Allen subplot, they go and reel me right back in with this great ending to the Iris and Eddie subplot.

And of course, getting to see the huge singularity sucking up Central City at the end. Sure, it doesn't look as good and as polished as what we saw in Man of Steel, but comparing it to the metrics of a normal TV show... this looked damn amazing. We see now where the money actually went when they skimped out on the CGI effects for last week's episode. It was well spent and appropriate for a season finale.

Reflecting back on the series as a whole so far... yeah, this was one hell of a ride. Definitely the second best superhero TV show I've seen this year. Daredevil pulled off everything pretty much perfectly, so it gets the nod, but Flash is right there behind it.

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