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Nothing is as Real as Halo...My later then Sooner thoughts.

"An Ohio teenager who shot and killed his mother and wounded his minister father has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for crimes rooted in his obsession with video games with violent themes." 

Here's the Rough summary of the story. This Kid (Daniel Petric, 17) wants halo 3, but The parents won't buy the game for Daniel. So Daniel being so immersed in the gaming world thought if he shot his parents they would clearly respawn and realize he really wants halo 3, But see in the real world when you get shot in the head no announcer yells "HEADSHOT!" The story takes a turn for the worse when he ends up killing his mother and injuring his father.Apparently he didn't think the gun would hurt his parents because it doesn't happen that way in halo 3. I have to say in all seriousness this does deal a heavy blow to gaming in some sense. Almost all the people I have discussed this with end up on the Daniel's side saying that its video games as a whole that are to blame. I don't know the full story and I'm sure not many do. There's no telling how the parents treated this kid or vice versa. Daniel could have been mentally ill, but with that being said its sad to see this happen and at the same time see these kind of excuses still holding ground in trial. Any other time A kid of this age commits a murder its insanity, but now we have a catalyst....halo 3. This does go back to the question of gaming being mature yet and as such possibility causing something like this to happen.     


Bioshock 2 Won't Be Here This Year

 I think We all saw this coming. I was one of the people at first who didn't like the idea of a sequel to one of 2007's greatest games, Mainly because I find it almost impossible that they could replicate the feeling and atmosphere. Not to mention it not even being made of Ken Levine (He being the creative mind behind Bioshock). I've recently turned alittle more opened-minded about it in hopes that Bioshock 2 is equal if not better then Bioshock 1. There is 5 different studios working on the game and if that doesn't work out....what will? The multiplayer is what scares me the most. The idea is that the multiplayer takes place before the events of the first Bioshock....which is just weird and seems like it would be hard to convey that in the we will have to wait and see what happens when its released sometime in 2010.    

Splinter Cell: Conviction Delayed Until 2010?

   I really was looking forward to the new splinter cell, But it looks like we will have to wait alittle longer. I'd wait if I knew that this was to publish the game and improve it overall, but I really think this was a delay to get away from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Halo 3: ODST. This was a good idea of they're the same time they might have made a mistake. This isn't the first game to be delayed. You've also got Bioshock 2 and Mass Effect 2. Not to mention all the other games that were set to come out in early 2010. You got God of war 3, Alan Wake, Dante's Inferno, Gran Turismo 5. Now I know some of these games are not coming out at the same time, but If your someone that's loyal to a series and you can only get one or two games...your most likely going to go with a God of War 3 then a Splinter Cell thats gone completely in a different direction then the previous games in the series. Splinter Cell: Conviction might as well be a new IP. So we will have to wait it out and only hope that this delay will improve the game.