Patches Inbound? If so... when?

I've heard the netkode for this game was supposed to get a tune up, but most of my matches still lag like all fucking hell. Furthermore, it takes at least 2 minutes to find a ranked match and usually more. 

This game is really fun, but they should really fix the netkode so that xbox live monsters like me can practice for tournies. Also, NRS.... change the fucking UI so that I kan swap buttons in game, you're killing all the hype for your game in tournies because of this extremely minor issue.

When is this happening? I know it's supposed to happen, but it's basically as annoying as no spectating in marvel and shit like that (which also needs patching....). 


Portal 2 is basically GotY so far... right?

I mean, if you think about, nothing really competes with it on a serious level. MK9 is seriously a great revival and MvC3 is fun, but fighting games, like action movies, hit a wall as far as being the experience of the year. And what else is there? LittleBigPlanet 2 and Dead Space 2 seem to be the contenders, and in the future, zelda, duke nukem, Rage, Gears 3, inFamous 2, and Skyrim might pose something.... but as far as this year's gone, I suspect portal 2 is gonna be hitting the top of most people's lists. That is, unless you bought it on the 360.


Dude, where's the boss battles?

I was lurking in the gb forums and saw some random topic about boss battles. I started to think about some of the awesome boss battles I've done, which then lead to the realization that boss battles are either not in most games or are insignificant. Think about it - where are all the memorable ones? Even if boss battles still exist in most games, they aren't as much a part of games as they used to be. When's the last time you beat a game when your friend beat it and you and they we're all like "Dude, Dark Matter was sooo epic, especially with the whole space setting and you get to fight him WITH Gooey!!! OMG!"  
I miss that...


What's Microsoft gonna do with this mess?

Hold on'a sec..... We need to upgrade some hardware.... the 360 has been out for about 5 years now. The Kinect  just came out, which tells me that the Xbox 360 console won't get an upgrade for at least another two years. But dude, that system needs some more ram than it has, it takes 13 seconds to load even the dashboard sometimes. And its not like the Kinect is some great technology that will be big on 360 gaming (it sold well, but not what MS wanted... or even needed).  
This is how I see it: MS banked on the fact that Kinect would sell like crazy, a bunch of third parties would jump on board to develop for the the next 2 - 4 years, and then they'd celebrate with tea, crumpets and money. But, no.  
So what now? The Kinect is boned raskulls style...


2010 and end

It's about 5 days, depending on where you live, til' the end of the year (accidentally typed world the first time :P ). 
Sooooooo, I would naturally annoy you with a blog about something deep, thought-provoking, et cetera et cetera et cetera.  Buuuut, let's do something easier for me to come up with and for you to read. First of all, shoutouts to all my SSFIV buddies, its been a blast learning the game with y'all. Second, fuck the gameoverthinker for becoming not as good as he used to be. 
Let's get on to some games.... yeah? No? Fine? Movies? Sure!  
Favorite movie of 2010......... Scott Pilgrim vs the World. I love this movie so fuckin' much, I bought it on blu-ray for myself and my cousin. It made me buy the books (or graphic novels if you should be so inclined), which happens to be my favorite book(s) of the year. 
Anywho... games? Still no, because I wanna talk about EL MUSICA! 
First, grande shoutouts to Cee Lo Green, who made the coolest music video of the year AND for creating an awesome song for some asswipe that my gf cheated with. It's a long story, and it doesn't belong on the internet. Also, congrats to Kanye West for making an immediately hit album, even though I still think you're one of the biggest douches in the industry. I won't lie though, I downloaded your album and loved it, but won't give you a fuckin' cent.... so take that.... you won't get my 11 dollars.... HA! 
The best track in his new album has to be Monster, mostly because it brings Nicki Minaj to light, who is also a fuckin' badass and inspiration. There's a lot of other shit that happened, but meh. I still love dubstep, and still woe the day it becomes mainstream. 

Just read this part if you wanna avoid some useless (but funny) shit, and get straight to the important stuff

 Games.......? Fine......  
Okay so here's some discussion: the difference between the game I thought the best of the year (Mass Effect 2), and my favorite game of the year (Bayonetta). I decided to pick Bayonetta on my 2010 top 10 list as my number 1. Technically, I believe Mass Effect is the best (graphically, storywise, and otherwise) game of the year. But I just enjoyed Bayonetta more ( @OwnlyUzinWonHan: shoutouts). 
It's like my favorite game of all time, which happens to be Donkey Kong Country 2, but I recognize Ocarina of Time as, technically, the best game of all time. 
Is this confusing (as usual).... talk to me. 
Merry Christmas and fuck Political Correctness.

Eh. It's been a while

So just an update (since you're all dying to know what I'm up to haha), I have finals this week. However, I have been dabbling in video games where I can. 
For the most part, I've been learning (sorta re-learning) Cody and Gouken in SSFIV, and having a lotta fun playing with the GB and mixing them with Gfaqs. Its pretty friendly and constructive criticism helps a bunch (when it is constructive, granted).  Shoutouts to @OwnlyUzinWonHan: @JJOR64: @Gunner_Thor: and crew.
Also, been playing a lot of Wii Fit +, but missed out on last 3 days, been eating like a fatass when I dont measure and do a body test on Wii Fit. Other than that, it works. Its a good introduction to fitness, not exactly an "ab-ripper." For someone like me who had never seriously exercised (I'm 17), its slow enough and instructive enough to be perfect. It's pretty fun too (ironic, actually, because I always though it would be really hard to get myself to work, but its actually similar to a natural high). So yeah, dropped 7 lbs, which is good news. 
I'm also getting it on like donkey kong (sue me). DKCR is extremely fun, but lately I've been so stuck on playing street fighter and studying shit that I'm only on world 4 (basically world 5 'cuz I'm at the boss). It's damn good, and there's a lot of extra shit to do, so I'm happy 'bout that. 
Well that's my spheal (and my escape from studying for like 5 mins or whatever). Whatevs.... peace! 
PS: please buy scott pilgrim or watch it (at least).


I hate when I realize I'm actually an idiot.

Its kinda evident that i favor the big N over the others, mostly because of their past work and their handful of Wii/DS games that I loved. Its time to start facing the facts, Nintendo is on the decline. It has a promising lineup ahead, Kirby's Epic Yarn being one game that has particularly caught my eye.  
I bought metroid on the first day it came out, excited by the very fact that Nintendo (actually team ninja) was giving one of their 'big three' franchises voice acting. Now hold up, how fucking ignorant does that sound. I think this stemmed from my past love for Nintendo and metroid in particular, but god damn, being excited over something thats been implemented since the N64 era. Anyways, I open metroid other m and pop it in. 
I begin to watch the opening cutscene, as slight vibes of tingling touch my skin. I realize that, for once in a Wii games life, this game has some sort of production value (of course I am proud of that fact rather than cynical (as I should be)). See how annoying it is when address you in first person and ignorantly express how I feel as a follow-up, thats how Samus fucking talks the whole damn game, not to mention most of the writing is senseless, useless, and/or characterizes samus in a terribly wrong way.  
No I don't think its sexist, I think its fucking boring, and even the fucking game overthinker tried to dfend samus' change of character in this game. No, being a whiny fucking bitch with major dependency issues doesn't connect with Samus' past at all, nor is it interesting or fitting for the current game. I might've forgiven her character and voice actor if the writing was in any way relevant, but forgiveness is far from what I feel.  
I could go into a whole review about only having 8-way NES style running, auto-aim and auto-dodging, and a bunch of other gameplay/control issues being a major problem, but its terribly obvious that those are less of a revolution and more of a mistake. This opened my eyes to the truth about the 'new' Nintendo, the one that still doesn't like to move towards new IPs, the one that still isn't HD, the one that has a terrible online experience, and the one whose console is based on a badly implemented gimmick. 
I can't fault them fo everything however, as much as I bash. I mean, Nintendo has... "influenced" the gaming industry (mostly by sales) to move towards motion controls, which is a whole other disaster. Also, Nintendo has done too much good shit in the past to make me change my name, and some of their new games look promising. I'm pretty torn up on how to feel about the company I've defended for so long, even though I shouldn't have defended them.  
I guess I should conclude with this: my name will stay red, but I'm depressed at the fact that it's becoming more and more meaningless.


Some opinions suck.

There are two concepts of thought here, the first I'll address is the realist concept.  
In the video game world, especially on forums, we always see (and most of the time angrily respond to) outlier opinions. The realists in these situations realize this either don't respond or tell others not to. In Exempli Gratia I recently came across an obvious troll who said there were no fun parts in half-life 2. Without naming names, we'll call these troll bloggers the jaysonguy complex (specifically calling out games that are almost factually good). Everyone in the middle is everyone in the middle. 
Anyways, here's what I'm wondering: why the fuck do people feel the need to do these small rebellions. The jaysonguy complex is clear: they want to sound like the 'higher class.' They want everyone to know that they payed for their 7.0 or lower average score (which is fine). But because games like Half-Life, Ocarina of Time, and so on score, sell, and rep really well, they purposely go against those. 
They, to me, come off as part of the troll crowd. I mean, come on, we all know big games like those mentioned above, especially Half-Life, are really good. Calling them out and saying you would rather settle for the lower game. It makes you sound stupid, but its hard to write this blog when yeah, games are all subjective; however, this trend is tasteless. It's really hard to explain what I truly mean, but hopefully calling it the jaysonguy complex gives it away.


I can tell the future!

Or at least I can try; I am gonna answer a question my badass friend asked me, that being "what will video games be in the near future?" 
Well, here's my thoughts:  
Most home consoles are going to be striving for a solid framerate to run HD 3D. The resolution won't change much since 1080p is about where the human eye can make a distinction. Handhelds are going to be much more focused on digital distribution, but hopefully will still accept cartridges. Devices like the iPhone are going to start paying more mega 3rd parties like EA to make games for them. Nintendo is going to do something totally different than 3D with their next console at least 2 generations ahead. The focus will be off shooters, and more on experiences that will sell to broader audiences. Motion Controls will be all up in your face. 
Yeah, it actually doesn't sound that amazing. In fact, I don't really like the idea of motion controls becoming a standard. Controllers are already a perfect gateway to connecting the player's actions to the game. But it's rather inevitable that the market is going to not cater as much to "us" as much as 'them." This media is growing, and we're gonna see more 'Stephenie Meyers, Kanye Wests, and Michael Bays'  trying to make a buck in this industry. 
3D is going to be an unstoppable force. Some are gonna jump the gun like Sony and use glasses (which is gonna limit the 3D capabilities or force you to buy better glasses when they upgrade), and some are gonna do it right like Nintendo. Either way it will be kinda annoying when a flood of motion controled + 3D cash-ins release multi-plat (like attack of the movies 3D). Expect a lot of this. 
God damnit.


God, the evolution theory, and everything else is wrong!

There is only one I believe in. Before Bomb and After Bomb are the timelines we'll be discussing, and here is how the earth started:  
Many years ago (3 give or take) the internet was kinda lame with video game reviews and stuff. Then a giant bomb exploded and a group of mighty duders initiated the best free thing on the internet (and in my opinion the best thing on the internet period).  
Then, 3 righteous years later, they gave you the option of paying for even more fun stuff! 
And now we wait to see what comes next.