My dumb blog thing : 12/11/12

Okay well.. I don't have much of anything in perticular today so I think today is going to be a short one. On a high note though I think my friend might be making me a dumb banner to put at the top of these things which is neat! Anyways, I've still been playing Far Cry 3 which I think now I might want to actually go for all the achievements in. Seems pretty doable and the game is fun enough. The only real drag might be trying to find the relics but the good news is you only need 60 relics and not all 120. I'd like to do a write up or a detailed review in the future for that one. I was insanely wrong about that game. Far Cry 2 was such a shit show. Go get malaria pills every five minutes.....oh and the jeep repairing.... god damn the jeep repairing. So, Sunday wrestling happened in particular TNA's PPV I don't even fucking know what it was called and it doesn't really matter because it was awful. I got lured by my curiosity after posted tin the good ol' wrestling thread about it. Ended up watching it with the LoC guys (a.k.a all the wrestling crazies that visit the wrestling thread) and wow... WWE has issues and often has a ton of them but TNA is just insanely painful to watch on all accounts. Even matches that SHOULD be good were ruined by dumb and often anticlimactic finishes. Apparently Hulk Hogan is still around for whatever god damn reason. Oh and his daughter is there too now because apparently failing at pop music wasn't enough for her.

Anways.... the go home show for the TLC PPV wasn't that great either on the WWE side of things. Although again stealing the show again Dolph Ziggler helped pull out a fantastic match against Sheamus. Sheamus I absolutely HATE his character I hate him on the mic I hate everything about the pale ginger haired idiot but I can't hate his ability in the ring because damn when he is paired with the right people you really get some amazing performances from him. The other saving grace of the match was Antonio Cesaro vs Kofi Kingston. Cesaro's uppercuts are the most insanely brutal thing I've ever seen. The guy is just soo damn good in the ring. Catching Kofi mid-air into a tilt-o-whirl back breaker was absolutely amazing the guys strength is incredible. Thing is he isn't a hugely bulky guy either yet he is one of the most insanely strong guys the WWE has right now. So, speaking of wrestling if anyone is reading this that loves wrestling you should really check out the Art of Wrestling podcast hosted by Colt Colbana it is an absolute treat to hear many of the best wrestlers talking candidly out of character. Its something you don't see a lot of and getting a peek behind the curtain of how things are in the biz is pretty fascinating at least to me. Speaking of I also would highly recommend the CM Punk: Best in the World DVD its one of the best documentaries I've seen in a while. The conviction of CM Punk to get what he wants is insanely commendable. Its amazing to see him go from some skinny punk kid to realizing that he is now the longest reigning WWE champion in the past quarter century now at 380+ days.

So... I guess I had no idea what I was going to write about and like I predicted yesterday it ended up being about wrasslin. So... that means I promptly expect no replies to this entry. Haha. I'll continue digging into Far Cry 3 hopefully I'll feel good enough about where I am in the story soon to talk about it. Till next time!