My dumb blog thing : 12/12/12

Yo son, its 12-12-12 and for whatever reason there is a Sandy benefit concert tonight and Nirvana is reuniting. Uh...whut? Its seems to be a nice big awful week for bad decisions in the music industry. Avril (I hate your girlfriend) Lavigne is also covering a Nickelback song in a One Piece anime movie. Uh...again... whut?

Okay okay... in GOOD decisions in the music industry Good ol' Frank Ocean is nominated for SIX count em' SIX grammys. That is awesome and I really hope he wins one of them. If you haven't heard of Frank firstly what rock are you living under? Secondly, go listen to Channel Orange. Now. I'm kind of feeling positive about his chances. Also, not on the list of best new artists or anything grammy related ( at least that I know of) is Carly Rae Jepsen. Call me maybe can suuuck it. So, Frank also just recently released his video for one of the best songs on his album "Pyramids" I would post the video but thing is... I can't. There are a fair amount of nekkid boobies in the video and I wouldn't want to upset the mods. Especially after my harmless dolphin rape video got deleted. If you have zero idea what I'm talking about youtube "Ecco the Reluctant Dolphin" also go watch the video for "Pyramids" its actually a great video.

Frank approves of his nominations. Also, that is a sick-ass headband.
Frank approves of his nominations. Also, that is a sick-ass headband.

Anyways, I need to finally turn on the PS3 and finally watch some blu-rays I've been sitting on. I don't know why I haven't watched all this stuff thats just been sitting there but I dunno I rarely feel the need to watch TV. First up on my list of things to get through is Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Girls. Yeah, I know what your thinking its a fan-servicy and ecchi trash and I dunno you are probably right on many accounts. But hey... guess what I'm a sucker for dumb ecchi anime as sometimes the fan service is just so absurd that it crosses the line from being risque and saucy to just down right hilarious. If you're game go look up manyuu hikenchou one of the outright most absurd and hilariously dumb ecchi anime out there. Girls fight and the more powerful they get the larger their breasts get. Its insanely absurd and completely hilarious to watch.

I mostly got Samurai Girls though simply because I thought the art style was sort of neat. It has a very ink blot looking filter to the whole thing. which is neat. I was going to post a trailer or something for it below but apparently THAT has nekkid boobs in it too so... fuck I guess this Opening Credits sequence might be safe enough to post. I've been mounting a lot of ideas for a huge blow out on Far Cry 3. I'm really enjoying the game and honestly I'm not really enjoying the story so much as I am enjoying watching Jason Brody evolve. I don't want to spoils anything for anyone but man... just man I had a few audible reactions last night to some of the things that happened. I'm hesitant to go all out yet as I've just reached the second island so I've got a few missions until the end.

Um, that is all for today I think. Still highly anticipating the GOTY stuff from Giantbomb. Oh, and the other day Monday was really odd. The Halo Map debacle happened, G-mail crashed then later in the day Facebook crashed. Really odd day and week at that. Little sad that there won't be a TNT this week but hey... whatevs! Oh and I dunno I might be (probably) wouldn't mind finding three or so duders to play through some Far Cry 3 coop with. Its not spectacular but its fun enough to run through a few times. Also, I want the damn achievements for it. Speaking of I played the first mission with some randoms and nobody was using their mic except one dude. The entire time guy sounded like he was on the phone and then proceeded to have an extended conversation with whoever he was on the phone with about his cocaine habits. So...that happened I guess. ANYWAYS, if you might be possibly down for Co-op my Gamertag is the same as my forum name. Oh, and even if you don't wanna play Far Cry and just want to shoot me a request you can as I deleted a hellva lot of inactive people on my friends list. I'd just appreciate a follow up message with the request to let me know your from Giantbomb. I for whatever reason get random goof balls sending me friend requests all the time. As long as I know your from the land of duders I'll accept it. And that is it. Go, on... go listen to some Frank Ocean do it!