My dumb blog thing: 12/14/12

Well shit. I missed yesterday! However there was a very (well not really) good reason for that. The Giantbomb Beta is LIVE for member son! It is a controlled sort of anarchy over there and its tons of fun. I really enjoy the new layouts for (most) things although the mobile version of the site seems all jacked up right now. Any of you actually tried it on mobile yet? I dunno possibly its just internet explorer (I'm on windows phone) is just fuckin everything up.

Oh hey... here is a GIF of naked Dante putting on his clothes mid-air for no good reason other than I'm really excited for the new DmC and we are just WEEKS out people. Whooie! I really need to play the demo again (in fact I think I'll do that as soon as I'm done writing this) I think the combat seems really solid. I've already seen people online making ridiculous combo videos. I really hope that the game is really re-play friendly and they keep all the end of level rank stuff.

Still playing Far Cry 3 but starting to hit a bit of a wall with it feel interest starting to slip away so I figure I should wrap that up before I do. Which leaves me wondering what I'm going to play until DmC hits. Been floating around a few things..... one of which is finally doing up some Metal Gear Solid HD. Then again...I should possibly finish Castlevania: Lord of Shadows.

There are a number of JRPG's that I want to get back into as well but I feel that I should wait to get into those. Resonance of Fate all three of the Altelier series. I seriously have two of those games special editions both sitting sealed on my shelf un-opened that I paid well over $100 for. I think whatever it is I should play something on my PS3. So this leads me to another question that I'd like to throw out there. I am not per say a fanboy of any one console but I often find myself going long stretches playing on specific consoles or whatever. Right now I'm really hot on the Xbox last year I had a ton of time where my PS3 and the PC was the hotness for me. Anyone besides me sort of ping-pong through consoles like this? Then again... I could do something even crazier and turn on my Wii and play Muramasa... wait no... that is crazy talk. Playing my Wii? What am I? Desperate?

Anyways, I leave you with this random clip of Panty and Stocking. Which reminds me... I should really re-watch all the episodes again. Other than the bizzaro ending (which all ganaix anime have) I can't really say I have any issues with the show. Although gotta say...not sure how I'm digging the english dubs.... also I wish that they would release a Blu-Ray version. Anyways until next time!