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Hell's Yes

Its been a ridiculous couple of months, and the past few weeks especially. Thanks to steam, I have too many games to play and to beat. I really need to at least start before classes start back up again. I can't do what I did last semester and get good grades. Here's to an awesome video game filled winter break before I lose all sanity this spring.



I've really started caring less and less about portable gaming, whether it be a PSP, DSi, or the iPhone/iPod touch. I prefer using a TV. With that said, I would get a PSP for Birth By Sleep and Disisdia...


Uh, idk

Being an uber poor college student, the only game I've played in the past month has been KOTOR, and then a ton of PC demos of old and new games....
Definitely though I would get Modern Warfare 2, A Crack in Time, and Assassin's Creed. Too band I won't be getting any of the above.


Games Games and Games

Gotta say anything from Square Enix would be awesome. Info or trailers about Dissidia, Birth By Sleep, 358/2 Days, Final Fantasy XIII and Versus, Final Fantasy Agito XIII.
Also the alleged 14 unnanounced games from Sony.


Vampire Rain: Altered Species

And it still sucked...
It amazes me how a developer can still give us games like this. Games with obvious flaws.
They even had two chances after the 360 version utterly sucked. But this time around they did almost nothing different. A good idea would've been to abandon the stealth since they obviously don't know how to make one, and just create a FPS or something.

The Wii, to buy or not.

I think I've finally decided to hold off on a Wii until next year when I get a job. When I do get a Wii, it'll be for Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Smash Bros.

After I beat these games, It'll probably collect dust, or I'll let my family of casual gamers play it.


This Weekend

I have a ton of games I sitll need to beat. Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal, Half Life 2 and Half Life 2 Episode 2, Find Ryno IV in Tools of Destruction, I restarted Elder Scrolls IV, Going Commando, and possibly a bit of Guitar Hero III.


Yes I will replay games for trophies

When some of my older PS3 games get patches for trophies, I will replay them. I won't get them all, but I'll replay 'em just to see how many I get. One thing I will not do, is buy games I don't like just so i can have more trophies.


Is it Sonic? Sure, but I'll say....


Spyro truly went down the drain when Insomniac sold its rights to the game. I didn't think a different developer would truly make such a negative impact on this franchise. One of the sequels, A Hero's Tail was one of the better Spyro games not developed by Insomniac, but still fell short then the original trilogy. Now is planned a new sequel called Dawn of the Dragon. Sure, the graphics look a lot better than previous installments, but I can't expect much. Spyro has grown up and is a lot more mature. Who knows how this game'll turnout, but I hope it breathes some life back into the franchise. Until then, I'll just go back to playing the games that didn't suck.
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